Memories of My First Umrah Experience with My Family: A Sacred Journey

It seems unbelievable until you reach there and the same happened to me. It was really the biggest purpose of my life and I’m happy that I became successful in achieving this milestone. The most perfect part is that I didn’t get to perform it alone but with my family. When the visa came it was a really happy moment for me and my family as we were planning this for a long time. But due to financial circumstances, we couldn’t make it. It’s been 3 years and every single thing is stored in my memory like it just happened. Visiting the House of Allah (SWT) is indeed a blessing and an invitation from Him. There thousands of people who were unable to perform this minor pilgrimage even after receiving visas because of unusual incidents. My best friend always used to say that Umrah is an opportunity that only the fortunate ones get. Allah invites His beloved people to worship him in the most sanctified manner. Pray with your true heart and show your desire to visit His House. He will surely accept your Dua and will call you at right time.

We reached Jeddah airport and there was the bus of our travel operators waiting for us. We sat on the bus and leave for the Holy City of Makkah. When we entered the city I look at the clock tower as the initial symbol of going towards the journey. It created an enthusiastic layer in my body and I started thinking about performing rituals. The bus dropped us at our hotels where we left our suitcases and gets fresh to leave for the pilgrimage. We decided not to rest but to perform it straightly. I’m unable to explain how blessed and happy I felt. We all were continuously thanking God for inviting us. I went with my mother, father, and two brothers as I was not married at that time. I was planning this for a few months and have searched several tour operators with amazing deals and but bundles. We select the best Cheap Umrah packages with all-inclusive facilities that were budget-friendly as well. Allah accepted our prayers and invited us to execute this minor pilgrimage.

First glance at the Ka’bah

Entering the Masjid Al Haram together nourishes our faith and love for Allah Almighty. By lowering our gaze, we were walking towards Mataf. The first glimpse of Ka’bah was so powerful and an unforgettable beautiful experience of my life. My words just cannot describe such a prevailing moment. We were looking at the Holy site of Ka’bah towards which Muslims pray five times a day.

Performing Umrah peacefully

Masjid Al Haram was always crowded day and night but still performing Umrah feels peaceful. Every person was busy praying and undertaking rituals. We started by performing the Tawafs from the starting point Hajr-e-Aswad, and we have been overwhelmed with reverence to Allah for allowing us all to be here. After completing this due to the heavy crowd we were unable to touch or kiss the Black Stone so we pointed towards it. Then we performed two Rakat’s behind Maqam-e-Ibrahim. Umrah has a lot to offer and is full of blessings and rewards. Before moving towards our next rite we drink the purest Zamzam water.

We performed all of the significant rites involving Sa’i carefully. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, we successfully accomplished our goal of performing a minor pilgrimage. We then went to cut our hair and my father and brothers get their heads shaved. It’s a sign that our prayers are accepted by Allah (SWT) and we are free from our past sins and are born again. Allah is the forgiver; He loves to forgive His people who sincerely repent to them with no intention of committing that sin again. Performing Umrah is peaceful in every way, you feel your soul the purest of all enriched with blessings. I literally cried a lot in front of Ka’bah and prayed to God for solving all the difficulties of my life. I’m blessed Allah accepted my prayers and gave me a perfectly healthy life. Alhamdulillah for everything!

Allah bestowed His unlimited benedictions on me and my family. It was really a dream comes true situation. In this successful Holy journey after Allah, I would like to thank the tour operators who guided us at every step. They planned the finest package for my family. We have traveled by booking Cheap Umrah packages. However, if you are planning to perform this holy journey with your family, go grab this remarkable package from your desired travel agencies. And get the most memorable, happy, and blessed experience. It is above everything as it can give you a place in paradise. The lives of many people transform after its execution

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