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Mobile Repair: How to Pick the Right Centre for Your Device?

A mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. And, for many of us, it is difficult to imagine a day without it. When it gets damaged, both your work and personal life are likely to suffer. The good part is most damages can be fixed, so you can continue using the same device again. But, its longevity post-repair work depends on which centre you contact for mobile repair. Selecting the right centre is essential for a perfect fixing job.

So, how do you pick the right centre for your mobile phone? Well, start by looking for reliable mobile phone service centres near your house or workplace. If there are several of them, you need to check the pros and cons of each service centre. This will help you determine which one will best meet your top-quality repair expectations.   

Here are some tips on how you can select the right centre for your damaged mobile phone.

Find out when it was established

It is best to avoid a service centre for mobile repair that has only recently sent out its inauguration invitation. It might not yet have the necessary resources and a team of highly experienced repair technicians. Without them, a centre cannot do the repair right the first time and might end up further damaging your device. Make sure the centre that you contact is a well-established one, and it has a proven track record so that you can easily determine whether it can be trusted or not. 

Focus on a particular brand of mobile phones

Today, several brands have flooded the market with their mobile phone models. A majority of them are Android-based, while the iPhone features Apple’s iOS. Moreover, each brand’s mobile phones have a specific set of unique features and components. For your mobile phone, you have to find the service centre that is focused on its brand repair. Such a centre is well-equipped with the right tools, the latest repair protocols, and experienced technicians, which are needed to effectively repair the models offered by the brand. So, if you own an iPhone, look for the mobile phone repair centre that is devoted to Apple device repair.   

Safe and reliable repair using genuine parts

Before you book an appointment with a service centre for your broken mobile phone, make sure that it offers safe and reliable mobile repairs. You can determine that by checking whether it uses genuine parts during the repair process or not. Genuine parts are a must for a perfect repair job. Do not let any centre convince you that even a non-genuine, substitute component will work as good as genuine components. The duplicate part might slow down the performance of your device or further damage your device.

Warranty on repair services 

The most-trusted mobile repair centres are those that offer a warranty on almost all its repairs. It shows that they are confident that they would do a perfect repair job. Moreover, the warranty also assures you that if after the fixing job, you experience the same problem again, you will not have to spend money again to get it fixed.  

No Hidden Costs and Reasonable Repair Fee   

For many, repair cost is an important factor while deciding where to get their device fixed. The repair charges of some premium smartphones can be very high compared to low-cost mobile phones. As mobile phone service centres have mushroomed, it is best to compare the repair fee of a few reliable ones and then decide who to contact. Before you hand over your device for repair, make sure to ask for an estimate of the total cost. It will save you from hidden costs, and you can be assured that the fee is reasonable.     

Quality service in the shortest time possible  

As you are heavily dependent on your mobile phone, contact a mobile phone service centre that does a top-quality repair job in the shortest time possible. Most common issues — battery or screen replacement — can be solved within a couple of hours. Some complicated issues, for example, water-damaged components, might take more than a day to repair. 


In almost all cities across India, it is now easy to find a iPhone service centre for mobile repair. You might find one near your house. However, do not dash to the closest centre when you encounter an issue. You have to first determine whether it can really handle your handset effectively and efficiently. Check customer-generated online reviews to verify the claims made by the centre. 

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