More than just a phone – Cisco Webex Room Phone

Besides hosting a gigantic six-inch butter smooth touch screen, the Webex Room Phone provides instant access to meetings and contacts, connects easily with any HD display, and much more. Whenever the users tend to walk through the meeting room, they shall receive a reminder to join in the meeting. This type of one-click access feature lets the users seamlessly share content without wasting their time and energy. Keep reading as we present useful facts that will help you understand how beneficial Cisco unified communications Webex Room Phone is compared to a standard smartphone. 

Easy access:

Everyone present inside a conference room shall get quick access to the shared content on the external display. For example, if a guest walks into the room and is looking forward to sharing content and does not have a Webex application, they can wisely pair up with the device using the web browser.

High-quality audio and unique options:

The Webex app lets anyone initiate the wireless meeting, which is essential and saves the people attending the meeting session without waiting for others to arrive. The Cisco unified communications Webex Room Phone offers 360-degree high-definition audio that can sound the best in every corner of the meeting room. The noise reduction facility available here shall let everyone hear clearly without putting in much effort for the same purpose. The connected external display showcases the participant details, relevant notifications for extra context. It displays the participants’ content in the room or any individual who has remotely connected to the session.

Instant connectivity:

The Call App present in this device can be accessed at any part of the day by the working employees to reach their colleagues. This type of quick contact facility is required for high productivity. The Webex Room Phone is more than a conference-connecting phone; it is the bright future for instant collaboration.

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