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Myths & Facts About Signal Booster

Staying connected to a strong mobile phone signal has become a necessity nowadays. The sudden availability of very high-speed internet, and numerous features that smartphones come with nowadays, has encouraged many to pick one up for themselves. Higher numbers of cell phone users also mean that the need for strong signals has only been growing so use mobile signal booster. This is particularly due to the state of availability of cell towers. Cell phones have of course moved beyond simply for telephonic usage.

High-speed internet has made sure that anyone can surf the net, play games on their phones or binge on their favourite shows from the convenience of their phones. However, due to the nature of the cell phone tower and connection limitations, people often face hurdles with signal strength quality. No one of course wants to experience dropped calls and spotty networks due to bad quality signals, whether it’s in an office room, or someone’s house.

Technology has however moved ahead and has presented humanity with working alternatives in the form of a mobile signal booster. As a result, with increasing difficulties, many have taken interest in these signal strengthening options. 

A signal amplifier is a good investment that will help with strong signals for a long time. These amplifiers aren’t new technology, however, but simply were not as regulated. Due to that fact, the last few years saw the sale of many such boosters that may have adversely affected networks. The signal amplifiers nowadays of course work as advertised, but the associated rumours and myths still chase them around. Understandably, many people are uncomfortable with the idea of spending so much on a device that may not work. Here are a few of the myths as uncovered that everyone should be aware of:

Myth – Signal amplifiers are not real

Many people might visualise little gold plated stickers attached to the battery of cell phones with the mention of network signal amplifiers. For a while, these products were widely available and cheaply sold everywhere. It was a popular purchase for people frustrated with their poor network coverage. It was seemingly the only choice for those who were unable to switch their networks or were unwilling to.

When one looks up these stickers online, they can still find reviews about these stickers not working. People have gone as far as stacking multiple stickers on top of one another. That’s not just frustrating to not get the signal strength amplified, but also a waste of money and time.

Myth – Signal Booster is not actually legal

A signal booster comes in different variants. Some amplifiers only work as far as providing boosting for medium-sized houses and office spaces. There are other signal amplifiers though that can boost signals across wider areas. This wide radius that some amplifiers cover can cause a host of problems for network frequencies. As a result, many people across the area can experience network quality drops. This is the reason why wide range network signal amplifiers are not allowed. To date, many people believe that it is illegal to own or install a signal amplifier.

Myth – Amplifiers can interfere with cell & wireless network

A cell phone signal amplifier can only strengthen any pre-existing signal in the area and not manipulate other signals at all. Both cell phone signals and wireless internet signals use radio frequencies. Many kinds of devices use radio frequencies to communicate with each other. Some of these devices are weather radios, walkie-talkies, televisions and some essential devices like medical equipment. What most people don’t realise is, these devices can in no way interfere with each other. It is because all of the devices work on entirely different frequencies.

The boosters use a three-fold system to amplify the signals. It only works as long as there is a signal to amplify, however. The antenna of a signal amplifier is installed somewhere high up. This helps in catching any cell signals that are still available for use. This signal is then processed through the amplifier and broadcasted to the desired area. Since a network booster works on the same frequency as a cell phone, it can amplify the radio signal. However, because of the differing frequencies, other radio waves are not affected and hence not interfered with.


India has a constantly growing and expanding infrastructure. As a result, it is a necessity to always have access to information at the fingertips. This fact is what makes a cell phone such an attractive device to have. Nowadays, cell phones connect more than just people. There are so many options and services that people can gain access to at the touch of a button. A modern experience for modern living also means that no one will want to go back to days past. Especially when it means dealing with constant network issues. Going ahead, whether it’s in big cities or remote locations, mobile signal amplifiers will always be of use. After all, all Indians value staying connected.

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