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Difference Between Creams For Dry Skin and Body Creams?

Natural Products

With all the recent interest in natural products, especially when it comes to caring for our health and wellness, one of the most common questions asked is “are body butters better than creams for dry skin?” The answer to this question is not as clear as with many of the other health and beauty questions we are often asked. While creams can be beneficial to those with very sensitive skin, creams are not the best choice for those suffering from dry skin. So if possible, you should try natural body butters.

One reason why creams are not better than body butters is because they can be more expensive. Creams are not cheap, after all, so many women have to be very selective about what they can and cannot afford to use. This means that some women are forced to use less effective body lotion and creams. In other cases, even more effective creams are not available due to the high cost of the ingredients used in making those creams. This means that some women are still forced to use creams that are not as effective as they would prefer.

Natural Products

Problems With Dry Skin

Another reason why creams are not better than body butters is that some moisturizers, such as Vaseline, are actually petroleum based and therefore are derived from petroleum. Not only does petroleum based moisturizing agents contribute to the problems of pollution and environmental destruction, but they also contribute to the problems with dry skin. When petroleum based moisturizers are applied to dry skin, they can create flaking, sagging, itching, and can sometimes cause the skin to peel off. This makes it difficult for the skin to properly absorb nutrients, thus contributing to dry skin problems. For these reasons, it is better for those who want body creams for dry skin to choose organic moisturizers instead of petroleum-based products.

So, are body butters better than creams for dry skin? On one hand, creams can hydrate your skin much better. You just need to apply them right when you need them. However, body lotions work much faster. It takes much less time for your body to absorb the nutrients from them. Therefore, creams may be better in the sense that they can hydrate your body, but body lotions are better in the sense that they can improve your skin’s health and appearance.

Using Body Creams

The third advantage that you get from using body creams is that they can provide you with antioxidants that your skin needs. Antioxidants are needed by the body in order to fight against free radicals, which are created when we are exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors. Free radicals can cause damage to our skin and other organs.

There are body creams that are specifically made to hydrate and protect you against dryness. Other creams are made to tighten your skin and minimize wrinkles and other aging signs. Some contain vitamins and minerals that are good for our bodies. However, it would still depend on your particular skin type as to which of these body lotions and creams are better.

Natural Products

All Natural Ingredients

It may be hard to believe, but there are body creams for dry skin that are made with all natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are better for you as they do not contain artificial preservatives and other chemicals. They are also made from plants, which are much safer than chemical-based ingredients.

Are body creams for dry skin better than creams for oily skin? Again, this would depend on your specific skin type. Oily people need more moisturizing, while people with dry skin need more moisture in the form of emollients. Oily people can benefit from a light body cream, while those with dry skin should go for heavier lotions. To find the best body lotion, you will have to experiment and figure out what works for you. However, do keep in mind that you will definitely be delighted with the results once you find the right body cream.

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