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New Workspace Designs Post COVID

COVID has overall affected the way of life and mostly it is impacting the work-life. The giants like Twitter, Facebook and other tech companies have shifted their way of work from the office to home or remote. Now, does that mean the traditional office workspace is coming to an end? Well, the answer is NO. The companies are still trying to figure out to bring back their workers to the office. 

However, the design, style, and system might change, but offices will reopen and many organizations are looking for the Fit Out Companies in Dubai to begin with the plans. With firms preparing to bring their employees back into the office, various calculations are made to provide a clean, stable, and efficient atmosphere. While some of this technique includes checking and tracking personnel to avoid coronavirus spread, so the architects are thinking about the physical nature of offices right now.

People are social entities that want to get out of the office to interact with other people. The ability to go to a versatile workplace and recognize the particular needs and levels of comfort of each person is essential to the well-being of employees. 

So, let’s see the ideas you can implement for renovating your offices’ post-COVID. 

Automation and Voice Technology

In reaction to the ongoing pandemic and instability, the technology table was active. The post-COVID 19 upgrades will include businesses investing in a new range of contactless technologies to reduce the transmission of diseases.

With motion sensors and facial recognition, office doors can automatically open while elevators, even a coffee, can be ordered from your smartphone.

Technology may also be used to remember social dissociation for workers. To monitor workers’ movements over their cell phones, Cushman & Wakefield has beacons mounted in their offices, which can warn you if 6-feet of rules are violated.

Video conferencing will also be done not only from work but also to workplaces to avoid huge conference rooms in the same way.

Collaboration spaces will increase

If the employees are less in the workplace, and the time it spends in the office is more significant. Whereas the conventional cubic or allocated desk is never going away, we should spend some time working together in the office and our designs for these spaces should fit with the shift.

Lower occupancy 

Predictions suggest that workplaces are expected to decrease occupancy by 50 percent. The office design should add touchdown spaces to better fit this. These spaces are similar to private telephone rooms but slightly larger for 1 or 2 individuals. Touchdown rooms in offices will start to look like showrooms for furniture: fully functional but for one or two people. Anything in touchdown rooms would encourage people to get into the office in days they want to have a workspace without taking up a personal table instead of getting a desk which is used just 50 percent of the time.

Individual workspaces 

Social areas will continue to act as a place of relaxation. The limits between personal and shared space would, however, again be more distinct. The workstation is more focused and a little more privately focused on user control and convenience. Higher divisions and smart spaces using modular products can boost the sense of well-being of a customer, which is as important as the physical clean-up of environments.

Bottom Line 

Reopening the offices and inviting workers back to the workspace is going to take more than just the design. It has to be more functional and less risky. So, work with the best Interior design Dubai Companies and let the experts put up their efforts together to come up with the best plan for your place. Besides, the paradigm shift is right now demanding from you to adapt and adjust. 

If you were dealing with the pandemic differently, you will be needed to change it according to the current situation. Ultimately, it is about acting right away and giving the best of yourself for the situation that is out of your control. You are going to face many challenges, but they are worth it if you come out of it with a survivor’s spirit.

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