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What Are Responsibilities Of Office Security Guard?

Though security guards are primarily responsible for protecting your property, employees, and customers, they provide much more to your company. We will go over all of an office security guard responsibilities in this article. According to Scaife Protection

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Security Guard?

The responsibilities of a security guard might range from simple presence to responding to robberies and assaults and ensuring law and order. Knowing all of a security guard’s responsibilities will go a long way toward ensuring that your property is safe.

The following are some of most important security guard responsibilities.

Observation And Reporting

These are the two most important duties that a security guard must perform. A security guard’s job is to patrol areas and conduct security inspections while keeping an eye out for anything unusual.

If a crime or catastrophe occurs, having a clear recollection of what happened before will help responders deal with the situation more effectively.

Be Visible

The visibility of a security guard can deter someone from trying an unlawful activity or behaving inappropriately. As a result, being visible is an important component of a office security guard job.

So, to generate a sense of safety, they must position themselves in public, high-traffic areas.

Keep Things In Order

The security guard’s duty is to maintain law and order on the premises. Keeping things in order could entail:

1. Enforcing policies, norms, and laws in the workplace

2. Controlling the building’s access

3. Surveillance and alarm systems are being monitored.

4. In the event of emergency, the guard should handle the situation as best they can while keeping order. 

5. While waiting for responders to come, they should be able to communicate effectively and lead decisively.

Assist Guests

A security guard could be stationed at a building’s entrance. In this instance, one of the guard’s responsibilities will be to help visitors. This role will entail giving them various pieces of information as well as sending visitors to the appropriate locations.

This is prevalent in the following situations:

Corporate security/offices

Residential safety 

Hotel safety

While the guard is assisting guests, they must simultaneously be aware of their other responsibilities, which include recognizing potential threats and limiting entrance to potentially hazardous individuals.

Keep The Property Safe

To secure the property, a security guard must always be aware of their surroundings. This function may entail patting down visitors as they enter the building. So, the guard must remain attentive at all times, using their acute senses of sight, hearing, and scent.

They will be able detect any potential dangers using these senses. They might detect a chemical leak, hear unusual sounds, or see something unusual. The guard should next assess the emergency’s severity and select the best course of action.

Make Safety Precautions a Priority

In an emergency, the security guard is responsible for enforcing company policy on safety procedures. These steps will aid in the protection of employees, visitors, and the general public, as well as allowing guards to divert them away from danger.

Additional Security Guard Responsibilities

Aside from the responsibilities listed above, security guards can also provide their skills and experience in particular instances.

Administrative Assistance

To ease the administrative strain on your team, security guards can provide the following services:

Liaison Services

They can serve as a link between law enforcement and your management team.

Telephone Assistance

When needed, they can also answer phones, filter and route calls, and take messages.

Security Solutions You Can Trust

Having a competent, qualified, and licensed security guard on hand will go a long way toward ensuring that all of the above responsibilities are handled with the utmost care. 

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