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Why Should We Use An Online Accounting Firm?

Online Accounting Firm

There are many good reasons to use an online accounting firms when setting up a company, ensuring its compliance to UK tax rules and regulations, and /or when it comes to VAT refund claims. However there is one reason that should not be considered at all times. This reason is that some of the most popular and successful online accounting and CPA firms in the world rely on paid staff to do their job. Such staff are then used by the accounting firms as assistants, secretarial staff and even book keeping staff.

The popularity of these accounting firms is very much due to their ability to save businesses a lot of time and money. The internet has simplified matters to such an extent that a company can have an accountant doing all the accounting work for them from their head office or from their branch offices in different countries. This results in a saving in terms of both staff and operational costs and ultimately a reduction in the tax, a business will be asked to pay. This of course is another reason that people in business are now opting to use an online accountant service.

Online Accounting Firm

Employing Just One Accountant 

There are also a number of companies which have become so large that employing just one accountant and paying them their full fee can put the company at risk of going out of business. This is where using a company with a large number of employees can help. Instead of paying just one accountant a company will instead pay a large number of employees a set salary, which means that each employee receives a percentage of the company’s profits.

Company’s Tax Advisor 

This way the company’s tax advisor receives a proportion of the company’s profit and there is also a down side to using this method. The main downfall is that since each employee will receive a cut of the company’s profits their incentive to actually ensure that a transaction is carried out is severely reduced. Also the size of the company means that it is very difficult to find an accountant that a large number of employees will agree with. It is usual for large companies to have an accountant on board that works for the entire company. They have a say on all major decisions and help set up structures that will see the company meet its objectives over a period of time. When a change of management takes place the new tax advisor is generally made responsible for ensuring the correct tax is paid.

Online Accounting Firm

Online Accounting Firm

It is not only businesses that can benefit from the use of an online accounting firm. You may in fact come across situations whereby you are unsure as to whether your tax returns are up to date. An online accountant can check them and help put your mind at rest. Just because you do not have someone with you to make the corrections when they are needed, does not mean that they are not going to be made. The majority of small companies do not employ a full time tax advisor so they may not have an accountant to check their records on a weekly basis.

If you run a business then you know that cutting costs anywhere you can is always a good idea. The same can be said for the accounting aspect of your business. By hiring an accountant you are saving not only money but also a lot of time. You will no longer have to wait around for your tax advisor to make his or her way to the office as they will be doing it when you pay them.

Online Accounting Firm

Concentrate On Your Business

We often spend a lot of time working and not being at work. This can lead to many problems and by allowing your accountant to help you out you are free to concentrate on your business. They can assist you with anything from setting up a shelve for the books so that you do not need to rush to the tax office every time you receive a tax notice, to paying the annual tax bills so that you do not need to stress about it during the tax month. They will work out your tax return for you and help you prepare it. They may even be able to get some tax breaks if your business is employing more than one person.

By working with your accountant online you will be able to save a great deal of time. No longer will you have to rush to the tax office for everything. You will be able to file your tax return straight away and leave the accounting to someone else. It makes sense to make the most of any tax break that you qualify for and using an accountant to help you with your tax return will give you that advantage.

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