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Outfits for Men with Jogger Pants from BlueTyga

Joggers have simply grown to become wardrobe essentials during the Work from Home phase when almost everything shifted online. They are the most comfortable to wear and give a smart-casual look effortlessly. 

Even though many have mastered styling them by now, a lot feel that their styling is repetitive or not unique. But here we are to tell you how even the simplest outfit created with Jogger Pants can be amazing! So let’s look at these easy yet striking ways to style men’s joggers.

1) T-Shirts/Polo Shirts

There isn’t another easily available pair to joggers like there are t-shirts. A vibrantly colored t-shirt or one with heavy graphic prints can make any normal day go fantastic. Polo shirts are a great choice too! A color-contrast outfit made of a polo shirt and a pair of joggers helps in giving a neat yet easy-going look.

  1. Sweatshirts

Just as they do with any other sweatpants, sweatshirts merge well with joggers too. A simple way to make a great outfit out of sweatshirts and joggers is by bringing on prints and bold colors again. Often overlooked, this could be an easy and perfect winter outfit not just for at-home shifts but also for a stroll at the mall.

  1. Cardigans

Got online academia to attend to? Worried about being too formal or too casual? Just simply pull a cardigan over a plain tee. Beige, brown, maroon, grey, black etc. are great colors for cardigans that are to be topped over a plain white tee.

  1. Denim Jacket

Denim joggers, even the ripped ones, are in the market now! So one must try pairing them with a denim jacket once. Even if not for denim joggers, with tapered or hip-hop joggers, denim jackets are a hit. Colors don’t matter here. Denim jackets are found to be great for both light and dark colored joggers.

  1. Leather Jacket

An easy smart-casual look for winters – leather jacket over joggers. A great choice if you wish to stay warm and comfortable without donning on a lot of bulky clothes. For an apt winter outfit, you can pair your leather jacket along with fleece joggers. Even otherwise, with a plain white tee and dark colored joggers, a leather jacket is bound to slay.

  1. Hoodies

Lazy weekends are more bound to happen during winters and you can as well enjoy them in your joggers with a hoodie. Even as casual wear for going out, the jogger-hoodie combo isn’t a bad one at all. Just don’t say no to prints and vibrant colors when you choose a hoodie to go with your joggers!

  1. Track Jackets

Got a pair of side-striped or patched joggers? Don’t have to look any further, a track jacket of the right colour is all you will need to elevate your outfit. For days you want to have an athletic flair, this sports-inspired look would be easy to put together and swiftly elegant than anything else!

  1. Blazers

I guess you have already found your favorite outfit for online meetings or interviews! Even though it may sound a little surprising to many, a blazer with a well-tapered pair of joggers is a tried and tested win. To make the outfit more appealing, one may prefer buttoned blazers or a woolen turtleneck to be layered beneath. We could be done with outfit ideas but we are yet to think of footwear. There are a lot of footwear that go very well with joggers. But you just can’t assign a standard one for every look. Well-crafted sandals may be the thing for a kurta-jogger combo but for smart-casuals, you may have to opt for a pair of loafers. Apart from these, trainers and sneakers are great choices and go pretty well with anything if of the right shade.

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While You Style Your Joggers:

  • Don’t worry overly about what can create a unique look. Anything can, if you play a little with colors, prints, and patterns.
  • Layering is a great way to style joggers. Keep experimenting with jackets and cardigans. Not every footwear may fit well with the outfit ideas you have in mind. So if heavily confused, just opt for a calm pair of sneakers or trainers.

Now the styling and outfit are all in your hands. Just get creative with whatever basics you have to create wonderful looks. If you’re in search of the best joggers for men, then you know that BlueTyga is the place! BlueTyga is determined on offering premium quality, comfort and style at the most reasonable prices ever!

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