Pain Under Shoulder Blade Is It A Sign Of Something Serious

Pain under Shoulder Blade is one of the most common issues seen in people these days. There can be many reasons for this pain. In most people, this pain is caused because of lifting heavyweights. In some people, the shoulder blade pain can also be because of the winging of the scapula. It makes it difficult to perform the activities of daily life. This pain can be felt as excruciating pain. Your doctor will suggest you the treatment option according to the cause of the pain. If you have this recurrent pain, it means that you may have any underlying condition. Following article will explain the reasons behind this pain.

Pain Under Shoulder Pain

It is most commonly seen in people who are working in offices. When they have a job sitting in front of the desktops, they can easily get this pain. The intensity of this pain is quite strong. People suffering from this pain describe it as burning or impinging pain. The intensity of the pain can vary because of the involved area. If you have this pain under the blade, it can be because of the involvement of the shoulder blade. Those experiencing this pain for a long time should seek medical help. There can be multiple underlying causes for this pain. Some of the most common causes are given below.

Poor Posture

One of the main reasons for this pain is the poor posture of the person. Many people, over time, develop the habit of hunching their back. This hunchback can easily reduce the structural alignment of your spine. When the integrity of the spine is affected, people develop this pain. People who are working behind a desk are prone to getting this pain.

Tilting your head down for long periods can also initiate this pain. It is necessary to seek the help of a physiotherapist to get rid of this pain. They will guide you in the details about maintaining a good posture. This pain can decrease the quality of your sleep as well. There are multiple exercises that your physiotherapists will discuss in detail to give you quick relief from this pain. They will also locate if the pain is due to the muscle injury or because of the tendon.

Sign Of A Dislocated Rib

Another sign of pain in your shoulder blade is the dislocated rib. When a rib is displaced from its position, it causes pain in the shoulder blade. The misaligned rib will put pressure on the blade. Every time you perform a repetitive activity, you will feel this pain. It also makes the process of breathing difficult for people. It becomes painful for the person to perform over the head activities. Immediate medical help should be provided to someone having a dislocated rib.

Occurrence Of A Heart Condition

As surprising as it seems, it is true that most heart conditions present as pain in the area of the shoulder blade. There is a condition known as aortic dissection, which is an extremely serious condition. In this condition, the largest artery of the heart gets a tear. The pain arising from this tear can transfer to the shoulder blade. It is seen that in most people, a heart attack presents as severe pain in the shoulder blade. If you have the symptoms of a heart attack or angina as well, you should get a checkup as soon as possible.

Compression Fracture

Compressions fractures are the most common cause of this pain. These fractures are because of the weakening of the bones. These fractures are most commonly seen in the vertebras. These fractures are painful upon touch and movement. There is no pain when a person is taking a rest. This pain will also reveal itself upon any slight over-the-head activity. When the vertebrae near or under the shoulder blade are fractured, they will impinge the shoulder blade. This will also result in severe pain in that area. It can be a red flag symptom as well.

Herniated Disc

Disc herniation is extremely painful, and it is one of the main signs of this pain. The outer layer of the disc can easily be torn because of any injury or not taking care of posture. Once there is a disc herniation in your body, it will represent itself in the form of pain and inflammation. This pain can take its route to the shoulder, arm, and leg region. If the disc herniation is occurring in the lower cervical area, it will cause this pain. If the herniation is occurring at the upper cervical vertebrae, the pain will occur near the shoulder blade. The treatment option for a herniated disk is to undergo surgery.

Overuse Injury

Snapping scapula syndrome is commonly observed in people who have an inflamed bursa near the shoulder blade. This bursa is present between the shoulder blade and thoracic spine. Every time you make a move, this pain will immediately increase. If you have done any muscle overuse activity, you can easily be prone to this pain. People come with a history of painting, helping their friends with a ceiling fan, and playing softball complains about this pain. There are several ways to treat this pain. If the pain does not let you sleep, you can take painkillers. Consulting a physiotherapist is also important. Avoid improper lifting techniques as well to prevent this situation.

Pain under Shoulder Blade can limit the movements of your body. If you are having consistent pain in this area, it may be indicative of any underlying condition. Poor posture of office workers can be a contributing factor to this pain. It can be a sign of a dislocated rib. People who are suffering from any heart condition also complain about this pain. Compression fractures and herniated discs also cause this pain.

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