Pattern is Everything – Choose Stylish & Elegant Cushion Cover

Worried about the look of your room? Want to give it a new look in an affordable way?

In this festive season, change your home furnishings by changing the cushion covers only. Thepattern is everything when it comes to cushion designs. So, choose the stylish and elegant block printed cushion covers that suit your mood and personality. Moreover, you can manage to create more space by using the right color and design of the cushion covers. Also, a cushion cover can give a new lease of life to your bedroom, drawing room, lounge, and living room. So, let’s discuss the facts that will help you to choose the right cushion cover for your beautiful home.


The most common fabric used for cushion cover is cotton and linen cotton. Because, people take a nap on cushions and cuddle it. So, people use fabrics that can be easily cared and gentle for their skin. Cotton covers not only provide comfort but also give an elegant look to your room.  For festivals and special occasions, you can opt for covers made up of silk or velvet covers. It will give your room a grandiloquent. The block printed covers offers a range of variety.


We know that thepattern is everything. There are many gorgeous, eye-catching yet sober block printed cushion covers. The block printed covers are most popular among them. It can also be customized according to the customer’s needs and choices. You can choose from different patterns like;

  • Geometric pattern
  • Floral design
  • Abstract patterns
  • Pattern made by the witty slogan

You can also collect different patterns and use them according to your mood and occasion. In simple words, you can redecorate the room according to your choices and mood. You can choose different patterns to give a mix-match look to your room. Like, try not to use the same pattern of cushion covers both for your bedroom and living room.


Cushions give both comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Proper colour, pattern, and arrangement of cushions can change the look of your room.  The colours you choose for your cushion covers reflect your personality. While a bright colour presents you as an amusing personality, the dull-coloured cover reflects your gloomy emotion.  Therefore, choose the colour of cushions consciously. Try to put different coloured cushions in bedrooms and drawing rooms. 

Bottom lines

Finally, stop waiting for the right time and start revamping your magnificent home today. The small yet significant change in cushions cover will make your cosy corner a special place for you. Use designer and block printed cushion covers. Play with the texture and fabric and your room is here with a brand-new look. Shivalaya Jaipur is a place where you can get a range of block printed cushion covers along with handcrafted and hand-knitted products and that too at affordable prices.