Personal Injury Attorneys, for dealing Third-Party Claim

Workplace injuries often come with devastating results. The results lead to hefty medical bills, lost wages, inability to work, and even death. 

After getting injured at the workplace, your mind might get stuffed with dozens of things. You may feel lost and unable to decide what to do or what not to do.

After getting injured, it’s best to consult personal injury attorneys in Dallas. The attorneys will prove to be a strong pillar for you throughout the claim process.

Workplace injury may involve third parties liable for the accidents. So, if you get injured at the workplace due to a third party, you can have the entitlement for compensation. 

A personal injury attorney in Dallas will help you understand the process of third-party claims and explain your options.

Personal Injury Attorneys Dallas, Texas in finding an effective solution for third-party claims

In most accident cases, the third party often gets neglected. But, if your employer is not responsible for the accident, you will have to understand that a third party can get liable for the accident. 

Now, when you know that the negligence of a third party caused the accident, so you will have to file a third-party claim, whether it includes business or individual. The personal injury attorney Dallas makes explains the process to file the claim.

Examples of accident scenarios that may involve third party claims:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Defective product
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Construction site accident
  • Dangerous types of equipment
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Medical malpractice
  • Any vehicle accidents
  • Defects in vehicle

After getting injured at the workplace, you can file both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party claim. A workers comp lawyer in Texas will help you file the type of claim for your damages. Every case has some differences, so it’s essential to consult an experienced attorney to know the best options. Read more about workers comp lawyers in Texas at Thetexasattorney.

What’s a Third-Party Claim?

A third party means someone other than the employer responsible for the accident when it comes to workplace injuries. The third-party claims differ from workers’ compensation claims.

In worker’s compensation, workers need not claim against their employees for the injuries. Instead, the workers receive workers’ compensation.

In a third party claim, the worker can sue a non-employer (third party) for negligence.

Examples of Third-party involved in Workplace injury

  • Other Companies employees
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Other drivers
  • Property owners
  • Defective product manufacturers
  • Other drivers

In a third-party claim, you have the entitlement to seek compensation outside the workers’ compensation. Through a third-party claim, you can seek compensation for:

  • Past, present, and future medical treatment expenses
  • Lost wages due to missed work
  • Repair or replacement property damaged in the accident
  • Physical pain and suffering, or any other non-economic damages

Things to consider for a successful third party claim

Examples of Third-party Workplace Injury Claims

  • Injuries caused due to working at an unsafe property owned by someone other than your employer
  • Injury at workplace due to defective machinery
  • Injuries caused due to inadequate inspections conducted by independent inspectors.

You should consider doing certain things for a successful third-party claim for workplace injuries:

  • As soon as possible, inform the employer about the injuries 
  • Get medical treatment and do follow-ups
  • Collect the contact details of the liable party and the company’s information
  • Keep the evidence intact
  • Fill out the accident report as soon as you can
  • To get assistance for the claim, consult a personal injury lawyer in Dallas

Things personal injury attorneys in Dallas, Texas can do in third party claim:

Having an attorney by your side prevents you from moving like a headless chicken. Let’s see some of the reasons to consult an attorney in a third-party claim.

The attorney will:

  • work to find the liable party
  • Collect evidence, pictures from the accident scene
  • Work with the team of experts to analyze each aspect of the case
  • Collect copies of medical records
  • Gather a copy of police reports
  • Meet the witnesses and record their statements
  • Complete the paperwork on your behalf
  • Deal with the insurance companies in an effective manner
  • Prepare and present a strong case for trial


After getting injured in an accident, nothing will work automatically. You will have to fight for your right. The personal injury attorneys in Dallas, Texas, who have experience handling personal injury claims will help you get compensated. 

A third party liable for the accident means someone other than the employer gets responsible for the accident. When it comes to proving the liability of a third party in an accident in Dallas, the personal injury claims get tougher and riddled. So, to get out of such chaos, it’s good to consult a personal injury attorney in Dallas.