PHP vs Python

PHP vs Python: What to Select and which is Ruling the Roost

Python and PHP both are open-source coding languages. They are used widely for many programming purposes in web development. However, they are quite different in terms of features and functions still both of them are immensely famous and utilized freely by the community of web developers.

PHP Features

Referred to Personal Home Page earlier, PHP is currently known as the recurring initialism Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP functions from the back-end server and not from the user’s front-end. It is an HTML-centric, server-side programming language that works amazingly well for the development of web applications. PHP web development is also famous for one of the most utilized scripting languages that are helpful in the omnidirectional purpose of website development.

Python Specialities

It is a relatively new scripting language designed for backend programming. Due to its gigantic library support and in-built data structures, it is at present one of the most famous choices of the web developers’ community. This language right now is one of a few high-level object-oriented web programming languages, which is being sold extravagantly around the world due to its simplistic and dynamic binding connection.

Python language features

1. Fast technology

No compilation in this technology is done as the programs are put to the interpreter to run it. It happens for the other programming languages. It is quite easy and fast to get feedback on this script like identifying bugs, etc. Because of reasons like this, this language can activate and complete the programs faster than the other languages.

2. Amazing standard library

Its collection of libraries and other features drove it to supersede Java on Github. Python’s consolidated library supports the developers to choose modules according to the demand. Every module here lets programmers include many other features even after the process is almost done and without any extra coding.

3. Supports test-based development

Testing and coding are simultaneous processes in Python development. This is the trial session to test the efficacy of the entire process. Programmers can build examples of the app because it lets them better the code.

Features of PHP

Great for Cross-platform app development

This technology is equally parallel to Python in helping multiple platforms. This means that it is considered a cross-platform technology as well and helps create developers to build web applications for different operating systems. Some of these systems are LINUX, Windows, UNIX, and more. It equally goes well with MySQL and Apache databases.

Scalable and extremely flexible

Flexibility and scalability are the two major factors of any language. It gives the programmers to have fun wherein PHP is the best fit. You can easily combine this language with other programming languages, like Java and others. The elements alongside this language are reusable.
There are plenty of extensions found to operate different functionalities which can help in highlighting various kinds of project demand.

Rapid loading speed

Speed is of the essence to make any programming language the best selection for developers. This technology is known for its feature of high-speed rendering language as it can easily establish a coordinate with the database to gather the required data in less time than many different languages available in the market.

PHP Vs Python

Let’s have a look at Python and PHP comparison.

1. Speed and Performance

Speed is often linked with performance in web apps. The same is the case of Python and PHP Mysql web development. This is necessary for web apps to function bug-free while used by millions of requests at a fraction of a moment. PHP is more efficient when it comes to speed. The newer versions of PHP like PHP 7.x topped the fast speed breaking its records, rendering average Python useless. It does the tasks almost 3x faster.

2. Code readability and Syntax

The syntax is a primary difference between Python and PHP. To make it simpler, the syntax of PHPmysql development is just like C language. The developers have to be careful and need to use curly brackets, additional characters, and operators. Additionally, developers can neglect the white spaces through the compilation process, creating extra usability to make the code into logical chunks.

In Python, the syntax is there on the distinction of codes with tabs and spaces, enriching the coding process in a great way. Also, here the syntax is easy to read making it simple for beginners to learn compared to that of PHPmysql development.

3. Price

As both the technologies are open-source which makes them freely available to the coders. Developers have also adjudicated that these even after being free can perform better than many of the paid technologies.

4. Library Repertoire

Python has incredibly extensive and well-formed library support for every application type. This gives it an edge in the battle of PHP vs Python 2020. Some of the most sought-after libraries that programmers use in the Machine learning process with others include Theano,TensorFlow, Scikit, etc.

Nonetheless, PHP development cannot match these libraries, it does have a packages repository “Packagist” which is much admired by the programmers.

5. Web frameworks

Both these frameworks feature several responsive and amazing web frameworks. For Python-inclined web frameworks, some outstanding bunch is Bottle, Pyramid, CherryPy, Django, and more.

When it comes to PHP-driven frameworks, you can find Codeigniter, Zend, Laravel, Symphony, and more. Although both these frameworks offer a considerable amount of choices to the developers, novice programmers love to use Python’s Django framework as it is insanely fast.

6. Front-end flexibility

Programmers develop the structure and front-end of the websites using quite popular and advanced tools and also with languages such as CS, Bootstrap, Angular, etc. At this point, Python provides several odds for developers to follow similar techniques and integrate them with this technology code by using frameworks.

This helps designers easily and quickly design websites. The developers are more comfortable using subtle and easy to access and understand language like Python. Hence, this language is better here.

7. Debugging

Until this far the list, it seems to be a draw between Python and PHP.

This is because when Python has “Python Debugger” (PDB), a well-written and superficial debugger, PHP feature competes with its “XDebug” package. Both of these offer primary debug features –path mapping, stacks, breakpoints, etc.

8. Usability

Acknowledging the architecture of the languages is of equal essence before coming to a concluding.

Both the technologies are object-driven, they squeeze code modules having some features and data in some elements. Hence, any programmer even a novice having very slight knowledge of object-oriented programming can try their hands in these languages.


Considering the above highs and lows of both the technologies, it is quite obvious that it’s up to you to make out which language to use as per your given requirements. Better to hire a professionally run web development company to make the most of these two languages given your specific business requirements.

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