Piano for Beginners: Complete Guide for You

Piano for beginners: complete guide for you

Learning how to play an instrument is not such a simple and quick task, so with dedication and study, growth is noticeable. Therefore, some things need to be learned before starting the journey, so studying piano for beginners is an objective that must be pursued with planning and motivation.

First of all, it is necessary to understand how the instrument works, how to choose a good brand, the main types of piano and other details. However, when acquiring this knowledge, the person is able to start learning and fulfill the dream of playing.

Therefore, we have created this guide that seeks to facilitate your journey to learn to play the piano. This article will serve as the principle of your learning, guiding the paths and decisions that must be taken to master the instrument. Follow the reading!

The parts that make up a Piano:

Before you venture out to play the piano, it is important to know which parts make up the instrument. Therefore, this stage also applies to those who intend to play the guitar or any other instrument.

Therefore, we will start by explaining the main elements and their functions. Let’s get to know the main parts!


The piano has 88 keys. The keys are white and black, made of wood, the clear ones are coated with ivory or plastic material and the dark ones are made of ebony. Black forms groups of two and three keys.

When you press a key, it will go to the hammers, which will play the strings and produce the sound. In conclusion, this synchrony is essential to maintain the quality of the music and the rhythm.


As we saw above, the instrument also has strings, which can be divided into three groups, bass, medium and treble.

Thus, the bass strings are thick, coated (spun) with copper and are called catchphrases. They are positioned in the left corner of the keyboard, they are produced, each of them, by only one string. The lesser notes are composed of two strings. However, it is also important to note that the bass are the longest, gradually decreasing in size as they become more acute. benefit of playing piano for childrens

The middle strings are thinner than the bass and continue to decrease in length as they become more acute. Therefore, each note is produced by three strings, this to obtain greater volume and to make the timbre richer.

The high strings are thin, made of steel, of small length, continuing to decrease in size until reaching more acute. The high notes are on the right side of the keyboard and each of them is also produced by three strings.


In addition, the instrument has hammers, which are made of wood, covered with felt and are responsible for hitting the strings, producing the sound. In the low notes, each one hits a staff, in the low averages, each hammer hits two sticks, and in the medium and high ones, each hits three strings.


The piano also has pedals, the left of which has the function of decreasing the volume and modifying the timbre of the sounds. The right is called the sustain pedal and its function is to prolong the sounds, improve the legato and enrich the timbre with the harmonics of other strings. Therefore, the middle pedal is responsible for prolonging a low note or chord while using it and greatly reducing the volume of sounds when studying.

The main types of piano:

Another important point is to know the main types that exist. Throughout the history of the piano it has been receiving variations that have made the instrument even more popular, in addition to increasing its possibilities of use. Let’s meet them!


Acoustic pianos are the most common and well-known to a large part of the population. Therefore, this type of instrument uses strings and hammers to produce the melodies that the pianist plays. There are two types of it, which we will talk about next.


Also called horizontal, the grand piano has a robust architecture and long strings, which make its sound pleasant and full-bodied, in addition to having a higher volume in the environment. However, it is widely used in large venues with good acoustics, such as theaters and concerts.


The upright piano, also known as the upright piano, has received this name due to its small size. However, their measurements are smaller and their strings are extended vertically. This influences the timbre and the volume of sound it emits.

It is a good choice to have in smaller environments, since it is possible to fit it in more positions without causing problems in tuning, making it an excellent choice for those who just want to study or play indoors.


The digital piano was designed to reproduce sounds like acoustic ones, however, without the need for strings. Therefore, because it is smaller, it becomes the most affordable option, offering a good cost-benefit ratio. It is also a good alternative for anyone starting out on the instrument.

The best piano brands:

Now, that you already know the parts of the piano for beginners and the existing types, let’s talk about the best brands of the instrument. There are some that stand out in the international market and others. so foreign options can also be purchased here.

It is important to know how to buy a piano, and that choice must be related to the quality of the instruments. So, let’s get to know the main brands!

Steinway & Sons:

Steinway & Sons is a piano manufacturer, founded in 1853 by Heinrich Steinweg. The company is known as one of the world’s leading and highest quality manufacturers in the field. However, many concertgoers use this brand in their performances.


Fazioli is an Italian factory founded by pianist and engineer Paoli Fazioli. Therefore, she has been working with the manufacture of pianos since 1981 and has become a reference within this universe, being the preference of many pianists in presentations.


The Yamaha company is well known for the quality of its instruments and has been operating for 129 years. It operates very strongly in this market, with considerable participation in other industries, such as Bosendorfer. Above all, the pianos for beginners of the brand are considered top of the line, in addition to offering other quality instruments.

A company of Austrian origin, founded by Ignaz Bosendorfer, in the city of Vienna, in the year 1828. It has been in the market for 185 years and stands out for its quality work. It is also one of the chosen by professional pianists and musicians for presentations.

Fritz Dobbert
Fritz Dobbert is a highlight among piano brands. In addition, it is managed by the second generation of the family that started production and is currently installed in Osasco.

In 1958 the artisan Fritz Wilhelm Ernst Otto Dobbert, a factory employee, developed new piano projects that were very successful, thus marking his name.

Other brands

In addition to Dobbert, other brands can also be mentioned for the quality of the instruments, such as Essenfelder, which was founded in 1890 by the German Florian Essenfelder, technician for one of the most traditional piano brands in the world, in Berlin.

He created several models of the instrument, for example, both vertical and tail, made with fine woods, which contributes to maintaining the standard.

Which have been present in this market for several years with a prominent position and are also great purchase options.

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