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cross product recommendation engine – Here’s a scenario for you: You’ve found the perfect “match” on Tinder, and want to make an impression on your first date. You want to start off by looking for a shirt and find one that you really like. So you click on it to look at its product detail page.

You start looking at the complete image and love everything that the model’s wearing — from the pants that work so well with that shirt, all the way down to the sneakers that look EXACTLY like the ones you’ve wanted for a while. You have no idea how to look for those sneakers — you don’t even know which brand they belong to! All you have is a vague description of the color and the style.

So you go through the painful process of clicking through innumerable pages and search results… without any luck! So after all that effort all that you’ve done, really, is waste lots of time without even buying that shirt. And don’t even get me started on the sneakers!

If only finding the right look was as easy as swiping right!

I’ve been there. And if your shoppers are anything like me, then you should know that it is extremely frustrating for them to see the products that they want, without being able to buy them.

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Introducing Complete the Look By : Cross Product Recommendation engine for Fashion eCommerce

Here’s the good news. We’ve managed to solve this problem with our Complete the Look module which provides cross product recommendation engine, that can power not just your product detail pages but also your cart and checkout pages.

Complete the Look understands your shoppers’ behavioral patterns and visual affinities to products, and also the rules of fashion, to deliver 1:1 personalization (personalization engine. So your shoppers see curated outfits that are foolproof — in terms of style, color, pattern combinations. Complete the Look acts as your website’s AI-powered styling tool, to showcase curated looks that they’ll love, taking visual merchandising to the next level.

Understanding Shopper Behavior

We’ve noticed that while shoppers are inspired by the different looks offered as a part of the product images, they also want the individual elements making up the look to be “shoppable”.

On further observation, we realized some other aspects that are important to consider when targeting shoppers looking to buy ensembles:

  1. Shoppers like to see accessories and other items of clothing that complement and complete a look, even if it’s not what the model is wearing. This is why cross product recommendation engine can significantly improve shopper engagement and have a direct impact on the basket size.
  2. A little “visually similar” variety never hurt anybody. It is our understanding that it’s not just an item’s brand or price that shoppers fall in love with. More often than not, it’s also the visual merchandising that draws them. If a product within a particular look is sold out, they’re more likely to continue shopping on your site when you show them something that’s similar to products they like.
  3. When in doubt, offer more choice. Shoppers want to see alternatives to the products showcased in a “look” even when all the original products are still available. This makes it easy for them to shop if something isn’t available in their size or preferred price range.
  4. The versatility of products helps with decision-making. Shoppers like to see how versatile the product they are viewing really is. When you show them a product page that includes pairing suggestions in different colors — they’ll view more, click more, and buy more.
  5. Minimizing navigation is key. While shoppers would like to gather different products within Complete the Look, they would also like to sift through them and add them all to their cart at once. This reduces the risk of the shopper abandoning your site during the course of their purchase journey.

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