QuickBooks Error Code 15106

[Quick Troubleshooting Guide] To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15106

QuickBooks Error 15106 is part of the 15xxx series of errors. This error can affect the update function in QuickBooks. Each time you endeavour to perform an update of QuickBooks or payroll, you’ll see an error message, “Error 15106: the update program is damaged”. You can also see an error message stating, “QuickBooks Error code 15106: the update program cannot be opened”. Error 15106 takes place mainly because of a lack of administrative rights and firewall restrictions. Read this blog carefully to resolve the error effectively.

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Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 15106

Identifying the right cause for your error is essential as that’ll decide the approach you take to fix this error. Implementing suitable measures is essential to resolve this error effectively. Hence, understanding the cause of this error is the first step you’ll take to fix this error. Go through the reasons discussed below:

  1. Any failure in QuickBooks installation.
  2. Your user account does not have Windows administrative rights.
  3. Windows UAC is set to high. This can interfere with the QuickBooks updates.
  4. Third-party antivirus or antivirus malware can block QuickBooks from the update process.

The solutions in the next section aim to fix the causes discussed above. You can now move to the solutions that are discussed in the next section.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error code 15106

Always look for a solution that fixes the reason for your error. You might have to go through multiple solutions to resolve your error effectively. Hence, the solution comes later to fix any error efficiently. Implement the measures explained below:

Solution 1: Repair QuickBooks Installation

You can repair QuickBooks installation to fix this error once and for all. Execute the measures explained below:

  1. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run window. Now, press Enter.
  2. You can click on Uninstall Or Change A Program from the list of installed programs.
  3. Scroll down and click on QuickBooks.
  4. Choose Change/Remove and click on Next.
  5. Choose the Repair option and click on Next.
  6. Click on Repair to start repairing QuickBooks error.
  7. Choose Ignore and proceed with the Repair if you get an error message with File In Use.
  8. Restart the system once the repair is finished. Now, open QuickBooks.
  9. Choose Install Now when you get a new window.

Try the next set of steps if these measures haven’t resolved your error.

Solution 2: Reset QuickBooks Updates

You can reset QuickBooks updates to effectively resolve this error. Execute the steps given below:

  1. Open QuickBooks. Choose Update QuickBooks from the Help tab.
  2. Choose Mark All in the Options tab.
  3. Choose Save and then move to the Update Now tab.
  4. Tick the Reset Update Now checkbox. Click on Get Updates.


You can quickly fix QuickBooks Error code 15106 with the measures discussed in this blog. Make sure to read the causes as well to implement the measures stated in this blog with perfection. You can contact the professional team of QuickBooks at 1-(855)-856-0042 if you require urgent support or professional tech assistance.

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