QuickBooks Error 108

QuickBooks Error 108: Causes and Symptoms You Should Know

QuickBooks error 108 is an error that arises from accessing online banking in QuickBooks. In these types of errors, there’s a certain chance that this error can appear from the banking end. Hence, it is crucial to check for any faults from the banking end as well as for technical glitches from the application. The error can affect many of the banking tasks like downloading banking transactions. This error can really hamper your business or banking-related tasks. This blog will help you overcome this error with its factual description of causes and solutions.

To know more regarding this error, you can always get in touch with the QuickBooks Professional’s Team at 1-(855)-856-0042.

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Causes Of QuickBooks Online Error 108

There are tons of causes that can trigger this error. You can’t surely pick a single reason that’ll cause this error, for sure. Hence, it’s best to read the causes carefully, as knowing the causes will help you understand the solutions better. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  1. Some unread notifications from your bank’s end can trigger this error. Some new paradigms can cause a complete shift for your banking application.
  2. Sometimes your bank requires you to complete a security check. After that, you may have to log in to your online bank account using QuickBooks.
  3. Any popup blocker on your browser can also trigger this error. If you haven’t installed any, then check your antivirus as they contain in-built popup blockers.

Now that you are sound of the reasons, it’s best that you look at some solutions for this error. Solutions fix the causes.

Solutions For Error Code 108 QuickBooks

There are some possible solutions to this error. Since the causes are few, it’s best to understand the causes first and then look for a solution. That way, you are fixing the root cause of your error. Some of the solutions are discussed below:

Solution 1: Check Out Any Notifications From Your Bank

You should be aware of any notification from your banking institution. Sometimes these changes can trigger an error. Follow the measures given below:

  1. Sign in to your banking account from a browser.
  2. Check out any notification from the bank that requires any action.
  3. Clear the notifications not necessary.
  4. Sign out and open QuickBooks online.
  5. Sign in to your banking portal and click on Banking.
  6. Click on Update in the Banking section.
    If the error still lingers, try the next method given below.

Solution 2: Disable Any Popup Blocker

A popup blocker can also give rise to this online banking error. Hence, it’s best to disable the popup blocker. Implement the measures given below:

  1. Open the settings of the browser.
  2. Search for installed extensions.
  3. Select the option to disable any popup blocker.
  4. Open the settings of your antivirus program and find any popup blocker.
  5. If found, it’s best to disable it and now try downloading any banking transactions.


This blog covers in-depth causes and solutions for QuickBooks error 108. Implement all the methods, and their steps mentioned carefully. You can also update your banking information in QuickBooks to resolve this error.
To know more about this error, contact the QuickBooks Professional’s Team at 1-(855)-856-0042.

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