QuickBooks Error Code 6190: Things You Should Know

QuickBooks Error Code 6190 is a company file error. Almost all socials related to QuickBooks talk about this error. The chance of getting an error like 6190 increases when the company file or the network gets damaged. This error is notorious for displaying an error every time it gets triggered. It’s important to have the correct information and from a trusted source. This blog can put facts in front of you that you can rely on and use that knowledge to resolve this error once and for all.

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Causes of QuickBooks File Error 6190

Reasons vary vastly for this error, and it’ll help if you quickly figure out the cause. Knowing the cause can give you an edge in finding the solution. You should always look for a solution that eradicates the cause of your error. Study the points from down below:

  • Using QuickBooks in multi-user mode can trigger this error, especially when you are having trouble in connecting with the company file on the server.
  • Not having the latest QB version can also lead to this error.
  • Any system fault or configuration can also bring about this error.

Now that you are aware of the reasons for the error, you should probably go through some of the solutions mentioned in the next section.

Resolutions For QuickBooks Error Message 6190

Solutions aim to fix the causes that are mentioned above. You can search for the reason for your error and then try and look for an answer. Doing so will help you reach a solution quickly. Some of the methods are given below:

Solution 1: Use Quick Fix My Program

Quick Fix My Program is a tool that’ll help you refresh QuickBooks installation and re-register the installation. Implement the steps given below:

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Open the downloads on your system. Double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • After the installation, close QuickBooks or any other open program.
  • Run QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to the Program Problem.
  • Click on QuickBooks Fix My Program.
  • After a minute, open the company file in QuickBooks.

Implement the next set of measures if these steps haven’t helped you in the slightest.

Solution 2: Shift QuickBooks Company File To The Local Storage

Moving QuickBooks company file to the local storage makes it easy for QuickBooks to access them. Go through the measures that are given below:

  • Copy the company file from the server to USB.
  • Move it to the system you are working on.
  • Open QuickBooks and access the company file on the local storage


After reading this blog, you’ll feel confident in approaching QuickBooks Error Code 6190. Also, knowing the causes will make future occurrences less likely. Read all the steps mentioned in this blog with precision.
To know more about QuickBooks errors and their solutions, reach out to the QuickBooks Professional Team at (844)-932-1139.