DevOps and Join DevOps Providers

Reasons to Learn DevOps and Join DevOps Providers

DevOps is one of the most advanced and latest technological additions in software development. IT novices to experienced professionals are eager to learn DevOps and join DevOps solution providers.

The DevOps market will grow to $8 billion by 2022. (IDC)

The global DevOps market will exceed $30 billion by 2028. (Global Market Insights)

And why shouldn’t it be?

However with the growing hands-on implementation of DevOps in the IT industry, This novel framework is bursting out of opportunities with a promising future.

Organizations are heading to DevOps Solution Providers because DevOps enables them to streamline their software development pipeline and stay competent. Consequently, The IT industry is going through a constant demand for qualified and experienced DevOps professionals.

It is the most significant reason why IT professionals are trying to walk on the DevOps career path or switch careers to DevOps. Both novice and experienced IT professionals are looking forward to getting recognition and staying frontline in the DevOps space, considering the hiking importance and demand for DevOps applications.

Before embarking on a career journey in the DevOps realm, IT candidates must consider learning DevOps and joining hands with DevOps solution providers.

What Is DevOps?

It is for the IT novice.

Before we head straight toward the reasons, it is essential to learn about DevOps.

• Like the name, DevOps is the amalgamation of development and operation.

• The advanced approach enables software development companies to tighten the bond between the software development team and the IT operation team.

• This bond ensures quicker and easier maintenance of the existing deployment.

• DevOps promotes better collaboration and communication across the different teams, improving the productivity and revenue of companies.

As per the reports from Strong DM,

DevOps implementation enables companies put 60% less time managing support cases.

Companies can spend 33% more time improving their existing infrastructure with DevOps.

It is crystal clear that DevOps brings many benefits to IT companies,

• Improved software deployment quality

• Increased software releasing frequency

• Refined team collaboration and communication, Etc.

The Asia-Pacific DevOps market size will hike by 25% by 2028. (StrongDM)

The DevOps Job market is booming.

The average salary of a senior-level DevOps engineer is around $134,079 per year. (ZipRecruiter)

Eyes are getting dazzled, aren’t they?

Besides the numbers, there are other prominent reasons to become a DevOps expert and join reputable solutions providers.

Reasons To Become A DevOps Professional

Let’s start with the list.

360-Degree View of SDLC

A DevOps professional finds himself involved in the different stages of product development like,

• Managing the source code

• Relentless integration

• Managing configuration

• Testing and monitoring

• Software deployment, Etc.

Since DevOps links the development team with the IT operation team, they acquire knowledge about the entire software delivery life cycle (SDLC). Being a DevOps professional, you will get supreme product development pipelines and product testing knowledge. It will add an extra star to your career profile and knowledge base.

Stay With the Current

DevOps is a wise business decision for companies and an intelligent career choice for IT professionals as well.

According to the research by Forbes, almost 46% of IT organizations worldwide will consider DevOps as the mainstream employment model in the coming years.

This prediction gets sealed by StrongDM’s report.

However, DevOps engineers currently working in the US exceed 11,029 in number.

It is high time to become and hire DevOps engineer, gain experience working under top-rated DevOps solution providers, and stay tuned.

This unique career option will help you in separating yourself from the crowd.

Explore Trending Technologies and Trends

DevOps engineers deal with several phases of product development and deployment. They hold the 360-degree knowledge about SDLC.

So, it is evident that DevOps professionals have to acquire knowledge and skill in leveraging multiple advanced technologies and tools to accomplish their jobs.

The list of technologies and tools that a DevOps professional needs to master is overwhelming:

• Git
• Jenkins
• Docker
• Kubernetes
• Chef
• Selenium
• Nagios
• Puppet
• Ansible

The grown excellence in leveraging advanced tools will accelerate your career growth.

Improved Team Collaboration and Communication Ability

When the product development and maintenance team gets merged, they work as an entire team rather than focusing on distinct and detached goals. The connection between these two sides boosts DevOps professionals’ collaborative and communication approach. The production becomes swift and effective.

DevOps technology enables companies to pull their product development and IT operation teams, out of the pits. At the same time, this novel technology brings light to the career profile of IT employees. IT professionals can look forward to a prosperous career future mastering DevOps.

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