Reasons Why Bournemouth Ideal City by University Students

Amidst its 2-mile long green space with an abundance of rock gardens, plant species from 3 continents and an aviary, Bournemouth is the coastal resort town situated in the south of England. The city offers purpose-built student accommodation Bournemouth with perfect living options that are within budget for students. Here are the 3 reasons that make Bournemouth a happy and exciting study destination for aspirants.  

Home to Top Universities

Bournemouth houses the Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth, both of which are located in the neighboring Poole region. Additionally, there is AECC University Collegewhich is on Parkwood Road in Bournemouth. Every year, the city is witness to a huge surge of student enrollments and universities have tough time accommodating them in student quarters for choice.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Student accommodation near Bournemouth University offers students to live in residences that have features catering to student needs. There are both studio and en-suite living options available. Students can stay in thoughtfully designed en-suite rooms with shared kitchen and lounge area. If budget is not an issue, then they can stay in studio rooms instead, with an attached washroom and open kitchen area. Additional amenities include laundry facilities, Wi-Fi connection, and CCTV security.  

Travel Concession Cards for Students

Bournemouth has a diversified public transport system with a network of buses and trains, operating across the city. There are National Express coaches that serve Bournemouth travel interchange and Bournemouth University. For easy travel and commute, students can avail services through Period Ticket, Cash and Contactless, Online, Smartcard and Travel Shop, and Mobile App. The city also has a concessionary travel option to move around the city without burning a hole in the pockets. This is done through passes that serve handy across England.

University Campus Halls

University and college accommodations ideally offer campus halls and university owned flats and houses. But unfortunately, such facilities are catered to first year students only and after that they will have to arrange accommodation for themselves before they enter the next academic year. Another option is private or off-campus accommodations that can have more customized solutions rather than fewer options and low availability of living space in campus halls.

Private Accommodations                 

Private accommodation provides you with the option of sharing an apartment or a house with friends, and some might also allow the feasibility of renting a room in a shared flat or do the same in the family home. So you can make a choice between the options which best suits you according to your budget and other needs. As mentioned earlier the cities or countries having more colleges, universities and education institutes demand more student accommodations because they attract a number of students every year. For example cities in the UK like London are the education hubs and plenty of students approach there in every new session.

Bournemouth, therefore, is a delightful place of stay for students with golden opportunities to excel well in academics with enrollments in top universities. The cities also offer the option of living on a budget in PBSAs and also enjoy travel concessions with the use of passes for daily commute and travelling around the city.  

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