Rebar Tying Tool — An Innovative Way to Tie Rebar Automatically

Construction is one of the most physically demanding industries in the world. Workers in the construction industry often have to stand for long periods and carry heavy loads. These tasks can result in chronic injuries, especially on the hands, arms, and muscles.

Fortunately, serious health problems can be prevented by using the right machinery and equipment in the workplace. Manual tying of reinforcement steel bars which requires repeated wrist motions, can be avoided with the help of an automatic rebar tying tool.

Rebar tying tools are excellent investments for construction workers and for construction companies looking to become more productive. Although they are more expensive than regular pliers or pigtail tools, they offer long-term benefits. Your organisation can avoid losing time and money while preventing injuries by using this powerful tool.

What sets the rebar tying tool apart from other equipment?

  1. They are battery-operated.

Conventionally, pliers are the go-to for tying reinforcement rods or bars. They are mainly used to cut, hold or twist a wire in various lengths. Using this method can be tiring because it requires more energy and manual manipulation.
Premium rebar tying machines on the other hand run on batteries and offer superior performance. A single charge—which lasts for about 90 minutes—can power them enough to tie over 5000 rebar or mesh. That capacity is almost five times more than what you can get from pliers, making them extremely efficient and powerful.

  1. They are automatic.

Is it possible to tie reinforcement steel in less than a second? Surprisingly, yes. With an automatic rebar tying tool, anything is possible. You don’t have to worry about wasting time and inhibiting productivity because the best models can tie in lightning speeds without compromising the final product’s quality. Some models even come with a quick bar release and adjustable rebar tie tension, reducing the risk of muscle strain injuries.

  1. They are ergonomic.

Modern rebar tying tools are built with ergonomics in mind. For example, leading manufacturers offer electronic extension arms that can reduce the impact on a worker’s body. Plus, these machines are incredibly lightweight, making them an innovative solution to tying rebar without bending over.

About the Author:
RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of Rebar Tying Machines, Benders and Cutters. They are a privately owned global distributor of high-quality concreting tools, equipment and innovative concreting construction solutions to the world.

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