Reduce Your Bill with a Whole House Fan That Is Energy Efficient

A whole house fan is an energy-efficient cooling solution that you can choose to install as an alternative to air conditioning units. It can help you cut down your monthly bills while making your house greener and your carbon footprint lower overall. Wondering how a whole house fan reduces your energy bills? 

A whole house fan is typically installed in the attic. It works like a big exhaust system that creates positive pressure to pull hot air out from your living space to the attic and out through the vents. At the same time, the fan also creates negative pressure that causes it to draw cool air from the outdoors. Take note, though, that for the fans to bring in cool air, the windows must be opened. Often the best time to open your windows is at night or early in the morning when the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature. 

What are the other benefits of an energy-efficient whole house fan?

Cools the attic 

The attic is the hottest part of the home because it absorbs the heat from the sun. When it’s hot in the attic, your living space is more likely to become hot, too—which means that the cooling system has to work more to keep the temperature inside at a comfortable level. A whole house fan draws hot air from different parts of the home to the attic, thereby lowering your home’s temperature. Because of this, you will rely less on your air conditioning units.

Operates quietly

Whole-house fans are not exactly new. Homeowners back in the old days used similar systems to keep their homes cool especially in the summer months. But many of them stopped using whole-house fans altogether because the older models were noisy. Traditional whole-house fans made decades ago sounded like helicopters because they used inexpensive industrial motors. Sometimes, they also produced annoying whistling sounds when letting out hot air through small vents. Fortunately, leading brands have found a way to make modern whole house fans energy-efficient and also quiet. You don’t have to worry about new models creating a lot of noise pollution. 

Removes stale indoor air

A whole-house fan lets you enjoy the fresh, cool air with higher levels of oxygen. Aside from this, outdoor air also helps you remove odors.

About the Author: 

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