Reo Bender to the Rescue

Rebar benders make it easier to bend reinforcing steel bars with accuracy, without the back-breaking effort associated with manual bending. That makes the Reo bender a good investment for any construction project that requires working with rebar, as it will not merely speed up the completion of the build, but also protect workers from injuries.

How important is the rebar bender for your project?

When used in construction, reinforcing steel bars are similar to the human skeleton that supports and keeps the body upright. Their role in engineering is to ensure a stable and durable structure. However, bending and shaping them to the exact size and specifications of the project can be challenging without the right tools. When manually done, the process could take time and put a strain on the worker because of the repetitive actions involved. That is why technological solutions, such as using a Reo bender, are highly recommended to get the job done quickly and safely.

Bend rebar safely with your new tool!

Before operating a new Reo bender, be sure to follow these important safety precautions:

  • Read the manufacturer’s user manual – Every rebar bender should come with a user manual, which contains important information like personal safety instructions, operational instructions, power tool care and use, and electrical and work area safety instructions. It should also come with a diagram naming  the  functional parts of the bender, and the list of components.

  • Wear the right protective gear and equipment – Personal protective equipment (PPE) will protect the workers who are working with potentially hazardous equipment or in hazardous conditions.

  • Keep your hands safe – The Reo bender will bend the steel bar back to the roller section, and the bending actions occur in a snap, with force. So, keep your hands away from the rebar while using the bender. Likewise, keep them away from the rollers, cutting block, and pivot shoe, and avoid overreaching. Maintain proper footing at all times.

Rebar bending can be safe and easy with the right tool. So, be sure to invest in a high-quality bender from a reputable manufacturer.

About the Author:RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of Rebar Tying Machines, Benders and Cutters. They are a privately owned global distributor of high-quality concreting tools, equipment and innovative concreting construction solutions to the world.

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