Reopening of Schools Amid COVID-19: What Will Be the Implications?

The situation the world is going through is unpredictable for all of us. Nobody has imagined such a life threaten virus. Day to day, the increased number of coronavirus patients is the main reason for fear. The virus spreads through touch and the majority of the population is still helpless to it. This situation let down to a big lockdown. Children tried to continue their studies online. 

How is the learning process going on?

While the best mind (doctors and scientists) across the world are busy finding the vaccine for the virus, School teachers do not give up on their responsibilities. The online mode of teaching has been helping students continue with their education. Teachers try to interact with their students online. They helped them by providing an online video of lessons. 

What are the facts about online learning? 

It is a bitter truth that there is no replacement for classroom teaching. Students faced many problems while electronic learning. Some are:

Teachers are not able to monitor their students properly on a visual platform. However, teachers have coped up to take proper examinations from students with open book exams.

Shortage of fast internet connection: It is one of the biggest problems regarding visual classes. Unfortunately, there are many villages where there is no access to the internet. However, still, the notes sharing and lecture recording processes have helped students to learn on time. Teachers showed their availability to the students even after classes.  

Availability of smart devices: As in many houses, parents do not allow their children to keep smartphones with them. The reasons are many depending on a personal situation. But this time smartphones have turned to be useful for the students.

There is participation in the practical work: As students are getting theoretical work, they are not able to perform the same in labs. However, teachers have managed to let students use home materials to perform practical. Practical learning helps in providing proper clarification of a particular topic. 

Lack of sports activities: Students who are willing to make their careers in sports activities are not getting the opportunity to improve and polish their skills. However, other online sports events and other fun activities organized by schools have helped students to not give up their sports skills.

According, to the new orders passed out by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have allowed schools to reopen without any compulsion. They do not create any pressure to compulsory attend the school. Now it’s all up-to parents, where they allow their child to attend school. Now onward, teachers will use the blending method of teaching. In which they will use both methods: online and off-line to educate children.

As per the norms set by New Choudhary Public School, the complete class will not attend lectures on the same day. Proper social distance is necessary, for that student will attend school by rotation method. The use of a mask, sanitizer is compulsory for all.

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