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Review of Free Online Cometdocs Converter

Cometdocs is a free online file conversion tool. This allows users to quickly convert files to various formats. In 2009, the service began. But over time, the Cometdocs team has worked hard and now provides more free services. Services include document exchange, transmission and storage. The idea behind Cometdocs is to provide one platform. It is from here that users can manage all their file conversion needs.

PDF is the preferred document format for a number of reasons. But not everyone you choose to share your PDF with will be able to edit it. The company claims that the data transferred to the service is completely protected and will not be transferred to anyone.


Apart from directly accessing the service by installing a recently launched Google Chrome extension or going to their web app. There are two ways to use this service. You can also download their Windows app or mobile app.

When it comes to writing a report or presentation that requires a substantial graph or table in a PDF file, you may need to extract the information as a JPEG image using an online PDF to JPEG converter. People usually convert PDF to JPEG in order to edit the image inside the PDF document in any way possible. Usually PDF is converted to JPEG to extract images from PDF files containing images, images, graphics and other text parts. The best free online PDF to JPEG converter is the best option to convert your PDFs to JPEG images without compromising the quality of the resulting image.

We use their web application to try out the service. It is very easy to use. To upload a file, we drag and drop a file or upload a file from your computer using the upload button. The file is uploaded to their website. After that, you need to select the type of transformation. Then you must enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link valid for 1 day. The link for translation must be valid for 3 days for free users listed on the site. Otherwise, the email says: “The link will be valid for 24 hours, after which all data will be deleted from our servers.”

There are certain restrictions and limitations that apply to free users. For example, you cannot upload more than one file for conversion. You must delete the previous one before loading the next one. Likewise, PDF to OCR requires a Premium account. We tried this and received the following email.

“Converting this PDF requires OCR to successfully complete the conversion and extract the text. This feature is available exclusively to our Cometdocs Premium users. “
You can find out more about their privileges and premium user rates by clicking here. You can create a free account by providing them with your details or by logging in using social networking sites such as Google, Facebook and Live.

You can open your PDFs in Cometdocs without leaving Google Drive. In Google Drive, right-click the PDF file and choose Open With> Cometdocs PDF Converter. You will be prompted to select the desired output format and complete the conversion. The converted file should appear below your original PDF. Everything is done right in Google Drive.

Google drive

Below are some of the main features:

It converts files right inside Google Drive, no need to leave the service.
It converts PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, images, OpenOffice, not just PDF to Word like Google Drive formats.
Unlike Google Drive itself, files larger than 2MB can be converted. There is no limit on the number of pages.
There is a limit of five free conversions per week for free users, but this is higher than most similar services.
Images and documents in Microsoft Office formats can be converted to PDF without leaving the service. But not through Google Docs formats.

The service currently allows the following format conversions:

PDF to Word (docx)
PDF to Excel (xlsx)
PDF to PowerPoint (pptx)
PDF to DWF (zipped file)
PDF to PNG (file in archive)
PDF to JPEG (file in archive)
Besides these formats, you can also convert images to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and PowerPoint to PDF.