Rhodes scholarship at Oxford

A student guide to Rhodes scholarship at Oxford

Rhodes scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships in the united kingdom. It is offered once a year, and the number of students dreaming and aiming for this scholarship is in huge numbers.

Rhodes scholarships help students financially that want to pursue their educational careers at Oxford University. The number of subjects you can study at this university under this scholarship is wide in range, and you must make the course selection according to your interests. Only those applicants will be able to receive this scholarship that is high achievers and has a complete application form.

Keep reading this article to extract valuable information on the requirements and application process for the Rhodes scholarship at Oxford.

Top 6 things you need to know About Rhodes scholarship

There are certain requirements and criteria for selecting an applicant for any scholarship. The applicants that have met the criteria get the scholarship successfully. So, you must understand all the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying for any scholarship.

Following are a few things you must look into before applying for Rhodes.

1. GPA requirements

As we know very well that, Only a few students get the chance to acquire this scholarship each year, and these students are high achievers. Students must have a GPA of 3.70 to be eligible for this scholarship at oxford college and university. Other academic excellences will also be considered for the selection of the applicants. It is very important for the applicants to be high achievers and write their application details well to get the scholarship. You can get the assistance of the education consultants in Islamabad to process your application and secure a prestigious scholarship.

2. Rhodes scholarship worth

Studying at the oxford university or college is not an easy job for everyone. That is why every applicant thrives on securing a Rhodes scholarship. Rhodes scholarship provides an amount to pay all the fees at Oxford along with monthly expenses and a fixed amount for airfare and travel expenses. The monthly stipend provided by Rhodes is 20,000 US dollars. The average amount provided to a Rhodes scholar is 70,000 dollars each year. Apart from this amount, you will also get some amount for your visa processes before reaching the United kingdom.

3. Requirements to become Rhodes scholar

Apart from the GPA requirements, there are other requirements that you need to fulfill during your application process. Without meeting the requirements, your application will be rejected, and you will not avail the scholarship. Following are some of the requirements that you need to meet.

a. Age

Age is one of the most important requirements you need to meet for the successful submission of your application. To be eligible for Rhodes, you must not be older than 24 years. All the applicants born after October 1997 or and before October 2003 can apply for this scholarship.

b. Academic requirements

By the end of June or at the beginning of July 2022, all the applicants must have completed their degrees and have a transcript in hand. The GPA in your undergraduate degree must not be less than 3.70 out of 4.0.  The GPA requirements may vary depending upon the course you are applying for.

c. English language requirement

English is one of the essential requirements for securing a     Rhodes scholarship. You can submit your IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and PTE test results. If any of the applicants have no English proficiency proof, they must provide one as soon as possible.

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4. Number of scholarships

The total number of scholars that are eligible for a Rhodes scholarship each year from different states is 32. The number of seats available for one district may vary from the other district or state. The total number of seats available for students from Pakistan is 1. The limited number of seats for this scholarship makes it one of the most difficult scholarships to acquire. That is why the assistance of an experienced person or a consultant is very important to apply for this scholarship.

5. Application instructions

You cannot apply or be eligible for the scholarship if you do not have a nomination letter from the university. If the university grants you a nomination letter for your required subject or course, then you must apply for the scholarship. For getting yourself nominated, you must have a strong personal statement along with several reference letters from your previous instructors.

6. Application deadline

The application process for the current year 2021-2022 will start on 1 June 2021. It is mandatory for every applicant to submit their applications with all the documents and application requirements before the deadline. Any application with incomplete documents or submitted after the deadline will be rejected. So, to successfully submit your application before 2 August 2021, seek the guidance of the education consultants in Islamabad.

Secure your admission at the most prestigious university!

Every student dreams of getting a prestigious scholarship that could fulfill their educational dreams and requirements. To successfully acquiring any of the scholarships, you must put in all your efforts and hard work. You also need to seek the help of experts that have much knowledge about these scholarships and their application processes.

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