Roaming Bands for parties

Roaming Bands

What is a Roaming Band?

A Roaming band is also known as strolling band or wandering musicians and they have become a popular choice for outdoor gatherings and weddings. They are an acoustic band that wanders and mingles amongst the guests and get everyone joining in singing and dancing. They perform unamplified which means no long set up times they can turn up and start to perform straight away. This makes them perfect for those tipi style weddings while the guests are outside having drinks they can be entertained before the evening events. Also a small roaming band would be perfect for a garden party or a big corporate event whether outside or inside a large arena wandering and mixing amongst the crowds.

Performing times

All bands perform for 2 x 45 minutes with a break in between, but 2 x 60 minutes is not unusual either. Timings can be adjusted to suit your event.

How to book a Roaming band

It’s easy to book a band with plenty to choose from you can just have a solo acoustic singer or a 4 to 6 piece band with acoustic guitars, snare drum double bass, and vocals. Also at Music8 we have strolling brass bands which can be any size you like depending on the occasion. Simply visit our roaming bands page and take a look at the selection of bands with videos and reviews for each band which will help you choose the best one for your event. These bands are based all over the UK and are willing to travel to Europe.

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Check out a few Roaming bands on our showreel

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