Romantic spots which a couple can go during Valentine’s Day

When you want to express your feelings to the special one, there is no other day better than Valentine’s Day. If you are hoping to take a step further and show your love most romantically, then going to a special place will be a cherry on top. Although love doesn’t need any date still Valentine’s Day marked the ideal day to make the person special whom you love the most. In this article, you will come to know about the 14 most romantic places to go on this Valentine’s Day to make your loved one more special. 

Granada Spain

Though Spain is better known for its historical places, the famous Andalusian place attracts the people and its beauty is multiplied in the whole city of Granada. The beautiful architecture, its corners are filled with secrets and lights. You will get lost in the Alhambra, discover the Arab Baths, relax in one of the teashops on Elvira Street and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset from Mirador De San Nicolas. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Commuting to Prague on Valentine’s Day is one of the great options. The city is full of romance. You can walk through the old towns of the city, and it feels like you are the protagonist of a love story. Enjoy the live music and dance with the beat, enjoy the most special day with a special person. 

Paris, France

When it comes to love and affection, Paris would be the best place to celebrate it. It’s awesome when you explore it on your own. Go out for a walk, check out the Eiffel Tower, visit it’s amazing and mind-blowing landmarks. Sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the view. It’s just perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is beautiful and the beauty of the landscapes of Bali will blow your mind. You will fall for this beautiful city of Indonesia, if you are looking for warm weather then Bali is the best place to visit on Valentine’s Day. You can visit the Buddhist temples, take sunbaths, and talk with your dearest all day long. 

Verona, Italy

Few places in the world are as romantic as the setting for the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet, and that is Verona, the city of Italy. The Balcony where the daughter of Capsules peeked in is an essential visit and to create your own love story. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital city of Dutch, which is full of lights and wonderful destinations to visit and enjoy as a couple. A dinner on board cruise is a must. Walkthrough the canals and enjoy the view. Propose your loved one on the Magere Bug Bridge, which they guarantee is eternal love. 

Santorini, Greece

Breathtaking cliffs, white villages, and wonderful beaches are the ideal destination to express your love. The destination is full of romance and has magnificent places to visit and make that someone special. You will find serenity and the privacy that you seek in a trip. The best part is you will find good deals with tickets as it is the most visited place for the couple. 

Seville, Spain

Spain is equipped with numerous romantic and ideal places for couples to visit. Holding hands by the Torre Del Oro, presenting gifts, or surprising your other half with flowers and balloons in a water city is perfect by far. The tapas and rebujitos are perfect to spend your evening with your better half. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Spending one night is equal to a thousand nights at Marrakech, Morocco. Visit the Medina, discover the hammam, and enjoy the luxury spa. This city is magical and you love to visit it as a couple. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This city will fulfill your couple’s goals. Hang out, enjoy the music, dance, and celebrate your love. Fall in love with this city and cherish the happy moments with your honey. The rhythm of tango in the famous city of Argentina will not stop you to move with the groove. 

Rovaniemi, Sweden

Open igloo is the center of attention of this city. Enjoy the luminous nights in an open igloo. The place is filled with the white snow, you can also visit the Santa, see the wonderful landscapes of Swedish city and amaze yourself and your beloved with the breathtaking sight. 

Provence, France

If you are nature lover then look no further than Provence, France. The freshly picked lavender, rose, jasmine, the purple coating of flowers and the wonderful scent they give off is the perfect place to visit on this Valentine’s Day. 

Kyoto, Japan

If you want to experience something different and take your lover to the end of the world then don’t forget to visit Kyoto, Japan. The city is rich in culture and the place brims with history and tradition. The bamboo forest is a must-go destination, a unique and natural place on planet that will soothe your eyes and heart. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a rich country in terms of traveling and exploring new places. Istanbul connects East and West, two continents, and two different cultures. This amazing metropolis will give you lots of places, mosques, museums, churches and romantic walkways to explore the city and spend a good time with the special person you love the most. 

These 14 amazing cities are on the top of the list to visit on this Valentine’s Day and make it memorable with your better half. If you are not interested to visit any state across the boundaries, then coffee shops and seaside areas are the best spots to enjoy your valentines. These places will definitely do magic and will excite your significant other. So pack your bags and pick from these wonderful cities that are most convenient for you and live the best time with your significant other. For those looking to move Dubai permanently, they need to buy a property and in this matter, the Mortgage Consultants and Brokers in Dubai like Money Maestro can help you