Blue Kittens

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Humans and animals share an intimate and loveable bond for years. You can see that old-age people mostly have pets in their homes because of the loneliness. A Russian shorthair cat or dog will overcome the loneliness of life and you will spend an amazing time with your pets. The blue kittens are adored by people due to their unique and attractive colors. Kittens always make you feel stress-less when you play with them. 

A blue cat’s gray silver fur has a stunning blue sheen, which makes them stand out from the crowd. What kinds of cats have blue coats? Here’s how to find out. There is a specific breed of Russian Blue cats that are termed Blue cats. But, in reality, they are not blue cats they are of the color gray that looks like blue. 

There is a close relationship between gray and blue-colored cats because of the heritage of the blue breed. One of the famous examples of this breed is Russian Blue that is used to be cross-breed. 

Russian Blue Cats and Kittens

This breed has been known to mankind since ancient times. This feline is the favorite of Queen Victoria. Moreover, due to their unique and elegant color. People adored this cat in the same way as they are revered by them in the past. This is all because of their attractive and elegant look. They are among the exotic species with their emerald eyes and this looks makes them unique and stands out from the rest of the breeds. 

If you are going to adopt the Russian blue kitten, then this article will guide you to the best of your knowledge in petting these Russian kittens. You can pet your kitten by following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Always remain specific about the food of your kitty. Moreover, if you want to shift your kitten to some new food, then it requires some time to make this transition happen with time. You should consult your vet before changing the food of your kitten. 
  • Make sure the kitten drinks a considerable amount of water. 
  • Give your Russian Blue kitten a soft bed to sleep in and a scratching post to jump on in the form of a cat tree. They like to be in lofty areas.
  • Get your grooming needs, such as a comb or brush and nail files.

If your kitten is not trained for the bathroom, then you must train them for the bathroom. So that they will not litter the place. 

Facts about Russian Blue Kittens

The breed of Russian blue will eventually win your heart. As they know how to make a home in the heart of a person. 

Natural Kittens

What do natural means here? This breed is not crossed by men. We have got this breed by natural selection. There is not any interference of any human being. That’s why because of this one feature they are also naturally adored by humans. 


The blue kittens are intelligent to learn any new habit, thing, or trick in a second. This lovely cat is characterized as quiet yet playful, as well as being extremely intelligent. You can teach a cat to listen to you, and the work will be easier. 

Shy Kittens

Research has been conducted among different breeds of cats and it has been estimated that Russian kittens are shy among them. They would not get familiar with the new people in an instant. They take some time to become friendly with you. 

Sometimes, they will give you a fearful perception of them. But, once they know you, they will become more extroverted. 

Choosing a kitten would be a difficult task somehow for a person. But, once you got to know about the kitten according to your personality, then that kitten will be an amazing match for you. You should purchase blue kittens from Puro Amor Cattery.