Sponsored Content Vs. Native Advertising

Native advertising and sponsored content are forms of paid media strategies. It fits the structure and function that surrounds editorial content on a webpage. As a result, it looks “native” to the page.  

However, featuring your content in native ads or sponsored posts is one of the fastest ways to build brand awareness for your target customers. The prime difference is that native advertising is like traditional ads, while sponsored content is like media placement. 

Learn the basic difference between them. Here, an SEO agency can use both strategically to accomplish your goals.


Native advertising

In general terms, native advertising encompasses a broad spectrum of ads that also include sponsored content. These ads usually have headlines, a compelling description, and sometimes an image. They appear to be linked to related content, and they are.

These articles should generate a target audience with useful information that solves your issue and help them get the most use out of your product.

Why would you use native advertising? 

Native ads are used to build trust with customers. They were also found to increase brand lift, and you can measure views, clicks, and post-click engagement on a native ad. It allows you to analyze campaigns and conduct testing to go for the best performer. 

Sponsored content  

Native ads include sponsored content too. The brands that pay to post on another’s website, print magazine, or newsletter. If you have ever taken an organization newsletter to find an article or video for a product “guaranteed to make you feel younger/prettier in only 30 days,” you have received sponsored content. 

The prime difference is it’s not an ad. It’s a brand-sponsored content that relies on a media publisher’s site. As a company marketer, you can direct the message and create the copy. Our SEO services have teams dedicated to creating sponsored content for its brand partnerships.

Why would you use sponsored content? 

A brand will position themselves as an expert in their field. The desire is to establish trust with customers to rely on a company’s information and products. Businesses are likely to have sales jump once the post is published. It is considered a short-term benefit according to the San Antonio SEO company but with long-term brand awareness.  Consumers should discover that they enjoy your brand’s content and continue to follow your post and engage with your brand.

When is it required for you to use native advertising and sponsored content? 

The native ads capture prospects’ attention and leverage the power of content marketing. It informs about the issues and challenges they face to discover a new way of seeing the world. They are effective in several situations that include:

Place your brand as an industry thought leader.

It’s a print article in a reputed local magazine or sponsored content in national and regional publications. You can deliver long-form content in sponsored ad format that can get your content in front of industry leaders and other influencers. 

Similarly, linking is quite helpful. Helpful content to paid search ads can put your brand firmly in the sights of people that search for information about the challenges they face. If your content keeps its promise, you will be on the radar as long as you maintain that quality and service. 

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Build brand and product awareness


According to reports, it shows that your audience will pay 53% more attention to native ads than banner ads. In addition, native advertising and sponsored content account for 86% of Facebook impressions that deliver the retents’ information. 

Those numbers make native ads an excellent choice when you expand your brand into a new area. You can also acquire another SEO agencyand can brand it as your own. When you combine today’s AI-driven skills, native ads can reach new audience segments and build trust in your brand.

Promoting valuable content  

If your company is like a large corporation, you need to publish various content to showcase to each quarter. White papers, ebooks, blog posts all can improve immensely that is helpful to your target audience if they find it. 

Linking your content to native ads while using data-driven targeting shows that the ads to your target audience allow prospects to find these essential resources. Hence, you need to use Google Adwords for these reasons. Therefore, using native ads will enhance the reach of these basic pillar pieces is one of the most effective ways to automate your content strategy at scale. 

Suggesting related products 

Ecommerce well known brands like amazon have already mastered the art of product recommendation through native content. The customers search for products on their sites that are related to products pop up on the page or discarded emails in the cart. By using targeting software and content automation, these ads aren’t as demanding as you might think. It helps customers to save money on shipping and time to provide them with everything you need to use in the product.

Brands that use third-party sites to sell their products can pay for these eCommerce sites. As a result, it displays its products above its competitors’ offerings. 

Summing up:

In today’s marketing world, paid media is an essential strategy to reach your target audience to achieve inbound marketing goals. Both sponsored content and native ads will help you get your content published in great brand authority. All with a different purpose and form. An SEO agency will allow you to start with an idea, create content and then publish it.