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Best Sanitizing and Disinfecting Cleaners in Brampton

The keywords of the moment, especially in the world of hospitality, are hygiene, sanitation, and safety. Due to the ongoing COVID emergency, sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners are running for cover to be ready to welcome guests.

Among the most important rules to follow we have:

-use of certified PPE devices (masks, gloves, shoes, and sanitizing and disinfectant solutions)
-protective Plexiglas at the reception desks
-spacing lines on the floor, restriction of the use of common areas
-use the lift one person at a time and maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter.

Sanitation and disinfection of all rooms, with particular attention to common areas and surfaces that are touched most often. For example, handrails, light switches, elevator buttons, handles. To sanitize the rooms, when guests change, it will now be necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect rooms, furnishings, linen, and utensils (in the case of residences and rental homes)

Daily disinfection of all objects, any material that is provided in use to customers must disinfect before delivery to guests. The supply of magazines, leaflets and information material used by several people and in common areas must also be eliminated

It will be necessary to provide dispensers of hand sanitizing gels with hydroalcoholic solutions at various points of the structure, promoting their frequent use among guests and staff

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How sanitation is carried out in hotels

We take care of the sanitation and disinfection of furniture, bathrooms, sanitary ware, natural floors. Such as marble, parquet, and carpet, starting with the organization and planning of the intervention of each of our operators. All products we use for the disinfection of hotels are the best on delicate surfaces, and able to thoroughly sanitize.
We organize the interventions following the order of urgency and based on the list of rooms, complete with all the information relating to them. The movements of the Akkadian services team within the accommodation structure follow a pre-established program. To ensure appropriate and safe interventions.

Usually, in the daily disinfection of environments, our intervention begins in the space dedicated to the toilets. After removing the dirty laundry, our team proceeds with the sanitation and sanitation of the sanitary ware, using virucidal products and tools specially chosen for an optimized intervention.
In addition to the sanitation of the shower or tub, we take care of the meticulous cleaning of every single wall, with detergents specially designed to ensure the hygiene of the environment. Then we clean all objects in the bathroom, we replace the linen with a clean one.

After making the bed, removing the dirty linen, and replacing it with the freshly cleaned and sanitized one. We take care of carefully disinfecting every piece of furniture, previously dusting all the surfaces in the room. Then we move on to cleaning and disinfecting the floor, using specific products based on the type of material, etc.).

In-depth sanitation of common areas

Today more than ever in the cleaning of hotels it is also necessary to proceed with a thorough sanitization of the entire common area of ​​the hotel which also includes the lift, stairs, and lobby. Depending on the needs of our client, we will propose a periodic cleaning and disinfection plan that also takes into consideration the sanitation of curtains, lamps, fixtures, ceilings, and mattresses.

Why choose Akkadian Services

Be the best sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners in Brampton

Akkadian services provide all its professionalism for accurate and punctual housekeeping services, designed based on the specific needs of each of our clients. Taking advantage of our services. You will have the opportunity to count on a net optimization of the times since we will take care of planning the cleaning, shifts, and vacation periods.

Those who manage a hotel will only have to think about their work, and their well being. The sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners offered by Akkadian services cover the entire intervention. And will ensure disinfection of the rooms, halls municipalities, and halls carrying out by adopting the best techniques and the most advanced virucidal professional products.

We will take care of purchasing the necessary equipment to proceed with the cleaning of surfaces of any type. From floors to furnishings, from lighting points to toilets. We guarantee the utmost professionalism and courtesy towards the employer and guests, to ensure a complete and satisfactory service while respecting the structure and those who stay there.

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