2021 SEO Trends You Need To Know

If you are engaged in online activities or business, you definitely know about SEO. It is the only way by which you can work on improving the website’s online visibility and increase traffic on the website. Mainly it is a specific way that can help you in boosting the website credibility quickly. In this blog, you can figure out some major SEO trends that can be useful in 2021 to get your website ranked. 

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a specific procedure by which you can get lots of quality and relevant traffic to the website via search engines. With the best search engine optimization practices, the interested ones can get success in achieving the top-notch position on the search engine results pages. Holding a good position in the search results can be useful in grabbing the users’ attention and impress them to access your online platform. 

In other words, the process of improving your website’s online visibility and get ranked on SERP is known as search engine optimization. It is a completely unpaid procedure. Here, you have to pay an amount of money to hire an SEO expert only. Webomaze is one of the best SEO companies and working with years of experience and a team of highly experienced & skilled professionals. 

Major SEO Trends To Follow 

AI Matters A Lot 

Artificial intelligence brings many changes in the technical world and the way of performing different activities. It makes numerous things easier on the internet. If we talk about the recent trends, many websites are featuring interfaces with advanced AI support. It helps in making the website user-friendly and providing the best experience to the visitors. 

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, some top-most brands are adding augmented reality features to their online platforms. The use of augmented reality features assists visitors by merging both digital and real worlds. 

Voice Optimization 

With time, multiple changes take place in the online or SEO world. Some of the major changes take place with the technical advancements and advanced features of the search engines. Voice search is one of these. Previously, the users have to access a search engine and type their queries to get solutions or online support. 

Now, the availability of voice search completely changes everything. It helps the users in saving lots of time by eliminating the time-consuming procedures of online searching. Here, you have to speak a few words only. The search engine will react to those words and present a perfect solution accordingly. 

It is the biggest reason that’s why you cannot ignore the option of voice optimization. You have to keep the website properly optimized with the voice search features and related elements. In case you ignore this particular step or technique, you may lose the opportunity of holding the top-notch ranking position in the voice search results pages. 


Internet users take help from different types of devices or platforms to find the best possible solution to their search queries. If we focus on some recent studies, it is cleared that there will around 73% of the total internet users access mobile devices to access the internet and avail desired services by the year 2025. Due to this particular reason, you have to take the website’s mobile usability features seriously. 

In case your website is not mobile-friendly, you should try to get help from the best web designers who can make your website mobile responsive quickly. Here, we would love to assist you with our team of the best web designers. Our website designers know how to create a good and mobile-friendly website by taking care of all Google algorithms and rules. 

Some people are still avoiding such a feature due to multiple reasons because they may think it cannot affect them. In reality, mobile-friendliness is one of Google’s ranking criteria. It means if your website is not mobile-friendly, you have to face its adverse effects on the website’s search engine ranking. 

EAT Principle 

There are different types of principles followed by the experts to get their website ranked quickly in the search engine result pages. To make it possible, they try to get help from different types of principles and techniques. EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) is the most important factor in getting ranked in the search results and impressing the users. 

For effectiveness, you have to focus on the appearance and content of the website. In case you have a website that is not well-designed and managed, then it never leaves a good impact on the visitors. It also presents the website as less trustworthy. By paying attention and showcasing the authoritativeness, you can increase the website’s credibility and increase the chances of getting ranked. 

The crucial factor is trust. If you do not earn or gain someone’s trust, it becomes difficult to generate leads and bring business. Here, you should try to add the testimonial section to the website, where you can display previous client’s reviews and ratings. 

Lengthy Content 

When it comes to impressing the search engine bots and the visitors, you need to add lengthy content. According to Google guidelines and algorithms, everyone has to keep the content informative. You can share complete details about a topic with lengthy content only. You should try to add long pieces of content to the website by which you can impress the search engines and users quickly. 

A study proves content with more than 3000 words gets the best results in the form of maximum users, shares, and reading time. It helps in boosting traffic on the website thrice. During all these things, you do not have to compromise with the content quality and information. Try to keep the content easy to understand, read, and scan. 

For the best content formation, you should use subheading tags. It can divide content into different and small paragraphs. As a result, readers may not get bored. To make the piece of content more interesting, you should try to add some visual elements, such as – images and videos. If possible, you should focus on adding some authority links in the content. 

Use Videos 

To drive the best and desired SEO results, you need to share the impressive content only. Some people focus on a textual content only. According to them, it is the most effective way to share information without an error. In reality, all individuals do not have an interest in reading lengthy content. These people try to get the complete information as fast as they can by choosing the shortest ways. 

The addition of videos in the blog can be beneficial in grabbing the attention of these types of users. Videos are also considered as the best method of sharing information, not text. You need to create impressive and unique videos. Sometimes, people add numerous effects and animations to make a video impressive. 

In these conditions, your video may become impressive, but some users may not get data properly. You have to maintain a proper balance between creativity and simplicity. 

Image Optimization 

These days, the individuals are not only limited to the textual searches as the previous trends. Some people are choosing the option of voice searches and some for the images. When it comes to getting the images ranked on the search engines, you have to focus on the proper image optimization. To optimize the images, you have to add alt text to the images while adding it to the web page. 

Along with it, you should use top-quality and relevant images only. To get your images crawled and ranked, you need to upload images with the site map. 

Core Web Vitals 

SEO Trend
Core Web Vitals 

In the recent updates of Google, it is cleared that how important core web vitals are. Mainly, the core web vitals are designed to explain the standards for digital experiences. Here, everyone has to be focused on three major factors – 

  • LCP (Large Contentful Paint)
  • FID (First Input Delay)
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

LCP works by defining the time consumption range of loading the largest part of the website’s content. FID helps in figuring out the page loading speed and time. With the help of CLS, bots can understand the changes or shiftings in the web page’s layout while loading. Everyone should pay close attention to the core web vitals and design the website accordingly. 

Local SEO

Local SEO

Many people may face confusion here between SEO and local SEO terms. Mainly, the “SEO” term represents the global search engine optimization practices. When it comes to optimizing the website and local listings for targeting local searches, it is considered local SEO. In these conditions, you have to take different keywords. These specific keywords have a location tag or “near me” in the end. 

  • You need to create a Google My Business account first. 
  • Keep the website optimized for mobile and voice searches. 
  • Optimize content with local keywords. 
  • Submit details in local online directories. 

With the help of these tips, you can create an effective local SEO plan. 

Website Security 

Trust is the most important thing. To gain the trust of users and search engines, you have to provide a fully secured website. You can keep the websites secured by implementing SSL. After the SSL certificate, your website URL becomes HTTPS from HTTP. 

These are some major SEO trends that can help you get maximum search engine optimization benefits in 2021. You should keep it in mind while creating an SEO strategy.