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Shopping for groceries is a vital part of daily lives, yet finding the right online stores in Europe can be difficult. Consequently, shifting from compulsive shoppers to buying only healthy grocery shopping is imperative for someone who wishes to stay healthy after covid -19.

Shopping grocery online in Europe has proven to be a simple way to get everything you require delivered to your door with the tap of a button. Technology’s advancement has provided us with so much convenience that it allows us to be more successful in our everyday chores and other activities.

The article below will help you enhance the experience of your healthy  Indian grocery shopping while also making it possible to buy at a reasonable rate than ever before through Dookan, the best Indian grocery store in Europe.

Dookan-The Online Store For All Your Grocery Needs

This online Indian “dookan,” or what we know as a shop or small counter, has popped up all over the place to help Indian ex-pats in Europe with household necessities and kitchen essentials.

It’s no surprise that Dookan has more inventory available online than you can think of. You can use the search options to explore a considerably broader choice of grocery products in a short time now. It also entices Online shopping of groceries for special occasions and perishable products.

You can order almost every Indian spices, pulses, vegetables, fruit, Ghee, Butter, sweets, rakhi, and all kitchen essentials to be required in-home parties, Diwali parties, Pot luck parties, marriages, the family meets in Europe. Relish the authentic Indian Homemade food and buy your preferred or required products, including :

  • Grains, Flours, and Flour Mixes
  • Spices, Condiments, and Pastes
  • Instant Food, Snacks, and Beverages
  • Personal and Home Care
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pooja Needs

So, next time when you are missing Punjabi tadka daal, South Indian Idli sambhar, Gujrat’s Dhokla and fafda, Rajasthan’s dal batti churma, or besan ka laddoo, then just order at 


Why Choose Dookan As Your Online Grocery Store

Given the current scenario, Dookan now offers an online Indian groceries shopping option in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, Croatia, Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Their services allow customers to purchase from their home’s comfort at their leisure. 

Whether you’re an Indian software techie or a student or just arrived with your family in Europe, Indian grocery shopping is one of the weekend tasks on your to-do schedule, that might take your entire rest day.  But now you can spend your weekends exploring the beautiful cities of the EU. Here are a few more advantages of purchasing your everyday household necessities online through the Dookan grocery store.


The freshness of the foodstuff that you order is one of your key concerns. Since Dookan is already aware of this significant worry and has devised a method to ensure. That you and your food receive the freshness you always deserve. Online purchases are being prioritized to meet your expectations. Dookan takes extraordinary measures to ensure the freshness of the grocery and food items you buy.


Grocery shopping online through Dookan has become popular and common in recent times. Several individuals have welcomed the store and used it. Since it saves them time, cost, and energy in looking for the items they require. It also enables you to multitask while at home or work. All you need is a smartphone or laptop, and select the items. Through its portal and have them delivered to your door. Also, their payment system is user-friendly and confidential. 

Discounts At Dookan

Grocery buyers value coupons, whether they are found online or in stores, making them more likely to purchase groceries online. Dookan offers several offers and discounts to help you pay less and buy more. The several codes offered by Dookan are as follows:

  • INSTANT10- You can get 10% off on purchases of more than 99€. 
  • INSTANT15- You can get 15% off on purchases of more than 150€.
  • MIDWEEK10- You can get 10% off on every item purchased on Wednesdays with a minimum purchase of 59€.
  • NEWCUSTEUR05- New consumers can get 5% off on purchases of more than 55€.
  • NEWCUSTEUR10- New consumers can get 10% off on purchases of more than 95€.
  • WELCOME10- New consumers can get 10% off on purchases of more than 45€.

Dookan’s Mobile App users can get several discounts using the below-mentioned coupon codes:

  • FRESHBASKET05- Mobile App users can get 5% off on groceries and veggies shopping every Thursday.
  • MOBILEAPP05- Mobile App users can get a flat 10% off.
  • TUESDAY10- Mobile app users can get 10% off every Tuesday on grocery shopping, excluding veggies shopping.
  • VEG15- Mobile App users can get a flat 15% off all Sundays on every vegetable shopping.


You must always look for ethical shipping and return policies while shopping for groceries online. Dookan has prudent shipping charges and is the fastest one to deliver your order on time. Also, check their reviews to see what their existing customer have to say about them.  Practicing appropriate social distancing and avoiding crowded situations would be the wise decision to safeguard you and your family’s safety when you buy grocery items through this best grocery store in Europe.

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