Smart Home devices that are ruling the roost in 2021

Smart Home devices that are ruling the roost in 2021

The world is increasingly connected. Whether it is making it a smaller place or we are further drifting apart could be an existential question. But that is for another post, another day. Right now is an exciting time, where the IoT (Internet of things) is giving voices, and decision making capabilities to you through things in your home that you once thought of as mundane. IoT has taken home automation to the next level. Now everything from your toaster, heater and curtain can be automated.

Home Automation, in the simplest of terms, is the ability or power that you have to control things around you automatically. This could range from turnings lights on through a motion sensor, your security system alerting you of a delivery while you are away. Or your pet feeder automatically dispensing feed on your behalf – all controlled from your phone.

Does it sound like magic? Sure! It makes a lot of business sense too, not just because that home automation is comfortable and eases lives. But because it is solving many real world problems like energy management, waste management, energy efficiency and lowering costs. A recent report pitches the home automation industry to cross the $75 billion mark in the next year alone. Predicts a leading Home Automation services company in Hyderabad. From controlling lighting, HVAC and security remotely through your chosen device to making public and commercial spaces smarter, the automation space promises to make things better.

Here are our top picks in the smart devices segment for 2021 that are making waves already:

Amazon Echo:

Alexa can be this wonderful home companion that can do everything from playing songs to keep up to your mood. To have that 3am conversation. Echo also boasts of compatibility with a large number of IoT devices that include thermostats lights, and applications including Google Weather and Uber. We love the almost spot on natural language voice command processing ability that Echo gives us making it a household name – literally!

Sonos One:

Amazon Eco might be extremely popular. Google Nest comes next because it has the advantage of, well Google and the allied network. But if you really can’t choose between the two. Here is another option. Sonos One. Another premium player in the voice assistant category, you can pair it with other devices to really give your home a voice!

Netatmo Weather Station:

Equipped with noise, humidity and pollution detecting sensors. This is a power packed system that keeps you upto date with the weather conditions. Now you know if you have to wear crocs to wade through rain or those scrappy heels because it is a lovely spring day. Maybe the temperature is right to go out for a quick run? You can connect this to Apple Home, Echo and Google Nest so your weather update is just one voice command away!

Connect Sense Smart Plug:

If you are interested in the supermom kind of multitasking where a piping hot  meal in your hotpot and your hot water bath are ready by the time you are home, because you set it from work, this one is for you. Compatible with both android and iOS, you a switch on and turn off appliances connected to this smart switch through your device. And as an added bonus it also monitors energy efficiency of the plugged device! Whatte winner!

Arlo Pro 4:

this is one home security system that has been generating a lot of interest. With precision night vision capabilities. Super clear image processing, this system not just captures motions efficiently. Also casts light on them when there is paucity, so you will never again lose footage to the lack of light! With super easy installation, and superior threat identification and alert mechanisms this one made it on our safe list!. But if you are on a budget, the under 4000/- Wyze cam with basic relays and functions will do too – it is a personal favourite!


Pitched as the world’s first meditation tracker, this one is a companion that will accompany you on your Nirvana journey. It micro monitors your mind states and pulls up detailed reports onto your paired device.

What was once thought of as an unnecessary spend or elitist, with economies of scale. Cheaper hardware is making its way into everyone’s home, says an expert Home Automation Company in Hyderabad. Considering industry growth trends. You may even have an idea that you could put to use and create an application or device yourself!

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