Sound Bar Speaker – Add a Surround Sound-ish System to Your Home

4K TVs are great because of their clear picture quality and bright bold colors. But they are not perfect—certainly not their built-in speakers at least. That is why some people buy a sound bar speaker to complement their entertainment system, and perhaps you should, too. The addition—though it can be quite expensive—can complete your home entertainment set and make the whole experience so much more pleasurable.

If you want to upgrade your viewing experience, then it’s time to seriously think about buying a sound bar speaker. The following are some amazing features of a sound bar speaker and benefits that will surely make you want one.

Specifically designed for your smart TV

A soundbar is a one or two-piece system that is designed to be paired with modern TVs such as a 4K smart TV. It is a short, thin, bar-shaped speaker that is usually positioned on the bottom of the television. This slender and compact device only has two cords that connect to your 4K TV and wall outlet. Some models are even wireless to eliminate the unappealing rolls of cords hanging at the back of your entertainment system.

A three-channel external speaker

As TVs increasingly become thinner by the year, the room dedicated for the speaker drivers become smaller. So, while manufacturers are able to deliver TVs with good visuals, they’ve done it at the expense of audio quality. Having an external speaker is indeed the way to go.

Another reason why the sound output quality of sound bar speaker is way better than your TV’s built-in speaker is that it has three channels. The channels come together so you get clearer and richer sound quality. The center channel is for the soundtrack and dialogue while the left and right channels are for musical scores and sound effects. Sound bars enhance the atmosphere and ambiance, allowing you to have a cinema-like viewing experience watching your favorite movies and series.

Audio projection

Ever wonder how sound bar speakers provide surround sound? The answer is audio projection. Most models have DTS:X sound, which is a feature that magnifies audio and projects it toward the ceiling of the room so that the sound comes from different directions. This is the science behind the cinema-surround-like listening experience.

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