Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate Day Safely at Home

This Mother’s Day apart from giving gift for your mom, you can give surprises to her during this Covid pandemic period.

Today people are following the rules of social distancing during this pandemic situation of Covid-19. Most of the things are becoming contactless but this doesn’t mean that you cannot send gifts to your special ones of festivals or occasions. Mother’s Day is almost a month ahead and those who are looking to buy gifts online for their Mom, they don’t need to worry.

It’s not always that you have to greet your Mom with gifts only. You can try something new this time, you are with your mom this time and can try something new. Therefore, we bring here some ideas to help you surprise and delight your mom on this special day.

Creative twists in Mother’s Day Gifts traditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to adapt to changes and look for creative new ways to spend lovely time together. Not so luckily though, but even Mother’s Day is no exception to this. We know it can be a daunting task to find contactless mother’s day gifts online, but we do have a solution.

For that reason, we have decided to compile a list of 10 lovely activities or mother’s day gift ideas for you to celebrate the most special day with your mother at this time. Although it might not be a proper mother’s day special gift but it can definitely give you some lovely and long lasting memories.

Share a Beautiful Dinner

We know how much this pandemic has restricted us from visiting any restaurants or cafes now. But on the brighter side, you can still share a quality, memorable dinner with your lovely mother, from ordering their favorite dishes through delivery service to personally visiting her with a homemade dish.

You can add some decorations to make it even more lovely. However, if you reside far away, you can eat together while staying connected to your mother through a video call. The possibilities are infinite.

Virtual Meeting and Games

You might be someone living far from your mother and still want to wish her on this day. This activity is indeed a fun thing to do whether you go with board games or silly card guessing games. Either way, you can use the technology and go online with it.

As a precaution, take care of the time difference and try connecting with your mother virtually to give her full attention in that fun time. Furthermore, you can have a friendly chat alongside that to relive lovely memories as well.

Enjoy with Nature

These lockdown times made us crave more natural feelings nowadays. Having an excellent time with your mother in the fresh air would be a great idea. It could either be your home garden or even terrace while admiring nature together. You can arrange a BBQ party as well at home and enjoy mother’s day while staying safe.

Watch or Stream a Concert or Show

Another great addition to the list is that you can enjoy yourself with your mother in a musical way. Almost all the musicians and singers are making these concerts accessible online to their audience with live streams. You can pick your mom’s favorite and decide what she will enjoy the most. Plan it and surprise her with it for long-lasting memories of this day.

Get a Virtual Tour

If your mother loves art, having a virtual tour of a historical place or a museum. These people love educational as well as artistic tours of places like a museum. If you want, you can take a virtual tour with your mother to go between several museums.

You can find a large number of these tours available online, as well as games that offer that. You can share knowledge as well as share relevant memories with your mother. Don’t forget to include her favorite historical locations as well.

Watch a Game Together

This addition to the list might be related to the previous one, but it usually applies to sports fans. If your mother is one of them, why don’t you watch her favorite sport with her this time? Plan everything, take care of your subscriptions, create a perfect atmosphere and go for it. This match streaming won’t only make her day better but also please her as a sports fan.

Try Cooking or Baking

Every and I repeat, every mother loves to cook. Whether it is cooking known recipes or baking cookies, you have plenty of options here. Keeping her interests and preferences in mind, you can make this even more memorable with her favorite dishes.

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Chill With Music

This activity is one that every single person on this earth is likely to enjoy. Everyone likes music, and possibly your mom does too. Whether you are at or far away from home, you can consider this activity anytime. Make a playlist of her favorite tunes and make memories with her on this day. Not to mention you can even do sing-alongs with her.

Finish a book Together

A majority of mother’s love reading books from various genres. You know your mom well, and you can collect her favorite genres of books. You can get them delivered at home using contactless mother’s day gifts online services. Whether you do it at home or consider it from afar, reading and finishing a book with your mom is definitely worth the gift.

These are some of our favourite mothers day gift ideas for you to celebrate mother’s day safely at home. Let us know in the comments, how you spent mother’s day in lockdown.

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