Step By Step Car Drawing For Kids

Step By Step Car Drawing For Kids | Drawing

Easy Drawing For Kids Painting Cars is among the infants’ all-time favorite toys. Easy Drawing For Kids subject of many animated movies and television programs, has also long been Drawing For Kids. The most well-known examples are Cars, Speed racers, and Hot Wheels.

What if you could create the vehicle of your dreams?

You can achieve your objectives by following this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a vehicle! Use this to alter a car and create a paper drawing of your imagined vehicle.

Cars have always been one of the infants’ all-time favorite toys. Additionally, it has long been the subject of many animated movies and TV programs, with Cars, Speed Racer, and Hot Wheels being some of the most well-known.

Step-by-step Drawing a Vehicle


  • You can achieve your objectives by following this tutorial on how to draw a vehicle! Use this to alter a car and create a paper drawing of your imagined vehicle.
  • Make two tiny circles on the paper’s lower section. The inner outline of the wheels on your vehicle will resemble this.
  • Don’t worry if you can create a perfect circle by hand. Use a compass as a drawing tool to swiftly and accurately draw a perfect circle.


  • Draw the wheels of the vehicle.
  • Two more circles should be drawn around the small circles we made in the earlier step.
  • Once you’ve finished drawing the circle shapes, it should look like a set of wheels, as shown in the image.
  • Additionally, there should be an inch or so between each tire.


  • Bolt the bumpers to the rims in step 3.
  • Draw a long, slender parallelogram connecting the two wheels. The bumper will serve as the foundation for your car, so make it as lengthy as you want it to be.


  • Draw the automobile’s chassis.
  • Create the outline of the car’s body immediately above the bumper by drawing downward-curving lines that curve to the opposite end of the bumper.
  • Two downward-curving lines make up the outline: a slight curve for the hood and a relatively big curve for the car’s roof.


  • Draw the front entrance window
  • On the left side of the ceiling, trace the outline with a curved line. After that, connect the two ends of the curvy line with a line that makes a 90-degree turn to the left.


  • Create the back door window.
  • Repeat the previous process on the other side of the car to create two identical and proportionate windows.
  • The front and rear windows must be slightly different in size.


  • Draw a picture of the front entrance next.
  • Draw a square with rounded corners beneath the front window to symbolize the front entrance. Remember that the front window and entryway should be level and aligned.


  • Turn on the lights and the door doorknob.
  • The vehicle needs some finishing touches to give it a more realistic look.
  • Start by drawing half-circle shapes on both ends of the automobile to create the headlight and taillight.
  • The lamps need to be positioned directly above the car’s bumper.


  • Use patterns to adorn the vehicle windows
  • Diagonal patterns are created when light reflects off of vehicle windows. Doodle a sequence of parallel, diagonal lines on each car window to represent reflections.
  • Once you’ve drawn a vehicle accurately, it’s time for the most enjoyable part: coloring! Choose the colors that will give your car a lively, bright appearance.
  • There is a wide range of car designs and every hue imaginable. If you have a favorite color, a car in that shade is most likely accessible.
  • You can paint your vehicle in a variety of colors thanks to this.

Three more tips to simplify drawing a car!

  • Even though drawing cars is notoriously challenging, everything will go more quickly with these three tips!
  • Learning to sketch a car can intimidate even the most seasoned artist!
  • We’ll show you some tricks to make it much easier for you. As with any drawing job, using reference material can significantly improve results.
  • If you look up hundreds of car pictures, it will be easier to draw this car, and they will also be helpful if you want to make it look like a different kind of car.
  • Furthermore, drawing more complicated elements like wheels and side view mirrors can be much easier.
  • You could use this method to make the comical design appear more realistic if you’d like.
  • Learning how to draw a vehicle is difficult because there are so many exact shapes, details, and other components that must be just right.
  • They may give the form an unnatural appearance if they are barely off. So, we suggest planning out every step with a light pencil even for a simple design like this one.