The Do’s And Don’ts Of Prenuptial Agreement Texas

Even though couples are reluctant to bring it up, prenuptial agreements in Texas are a great way to handle the complexities of modern relationships before tying the knot. As the average age of marriage rises and people marry and remarry with children from past relationships, prenuptial agreements can help couples decide what assets to compile and keep separate. 

They can also serve as a guide to reduce confusion and stress during a separation or divorce.

If you are considering a prenup as a way to help plan for your future, here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to prenuptial agreements.

Do: Take Your Family Dynamics Into Consideration

Today, people are redefining families in ways that speak to the diversity and richness of our society. With these new definitions come family dynamics, where a prenuptial agreement can help to ease future concerns. So you may want to consider getting a premarital agreement if:

  • You have children from a previous marriage and wish to save assets for them,
  • You have an ownership interest in a business,
  • You expect to receive an inheritance in the future, or
  • You are concerned about past or future alimony or child support

Do: Talk It Through

Open communication is one of the keys to a long-lasting relationship. So couples should use that same approach when discussing prenuptial matters. 

Be honest about your current financial circumstances and your desires for the future. Then work together to create a plan that makes you and your partner feel secure. Protecting each other financially is not only intelligent strategic planning. It’s also an act of love.

Don’t: Be Afraid To Speak Up.

Even if you think a request seems silly, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for what you want. Prenuptial agreements can help determine the ownership of pets and who gets to keep sentimental items unique to both of you. 

Whatever the concern, deciding these matters while the relationship is going well can help to avoid unnecessary stress if a separation occurs in the future.

Don’t: Use The Same Lawyer.

Although both spouses should feel good about the terms of their prenup, using the exact attorney won’t get you there smoothly. 

By hiring separate lawyers, you can be sure that you have someone looking out for your best interest and professional help to work through some stickier situations. You’ll also guarantee that your prenup is fair and reasonable for both spouses.

Want to know more about prenuptial agreements in Texas? Click here, and you won’t regret it.

Also: Tips For Hiring A Houston Child Custody Lawyer

Parents seeking the assistance of a child custody lawyer often have many questions and concerns, and, for these reasons, it is crucial to select quality legal representation when pursuing child custody or modifying existing orders. 

Most people have little to no experience in selecting a child custody lawyer and can become overwhelmed by the pressure of hiring counsel for something so important. Parents experiencing distress can use the following tips to help them feel confident and comfortable in their decision to hire a child custody lawyer.

Select A Local Lawyer

Parents must select a local child custody lawyer with experience handling cases like yours in the county where the custody case will be filed. 

When dealing with legal matters involving children, compassionate child custody cases, time is valuable, and any mishandling of the case due to inexperience with local courts and family law could cause significant delays or worse. 

Proven Track Record

Alongside the importance of selecting a custody lawyer within the parent’s local jurisdiction, a lawyer’s peer reviews and track record can give parents insight into how their case will be handled. 

Client testimonials and peer recommendations are independent, first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work with a particular lawyer. Furthermore, a track record of successful client outcomes builds a lawyer’s credibility and showcases their ability to articulate a client’s concerns in court.

Meet In Person

Parents should arrange an initial meeting with a prospective child custody lawyer before committing to hiring one. The relationship a family law attorney develops with clients is essential due to the nature of the matters they handle. 

Parents should feel comfortable expressing all concerns and questions to their custody lawyer. In return, the parent should also feel their lawyer understands and can serve as a confidant during a highly emotional and stressful time.


A prenuptial agreement in texas can help you create a prenup that works for your modern family today and protects your peace for the future.

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