Ultimate Guide to Divorce: By Divorce Lawyer In Fort Worth

Divorce, the term itself feels disturbing, unhealthy, and challenging. It is formally deciding to be separated and dissolving the marriage. Sometimes, the decision can be mutual and both in favor may end up their relationship on good terms, however, in certain cases it can go pretty bad. Complex and lengthy divorce occurs with disagreement, and of course child custody being a key factor for dispute. Divorces are never pleasing and it always demands a divorce lawyer in Fort Worth to give it a fixture. 

The different Kind of Divorce

Absolute divorce is the first most crucial one that requires some type of solid evidence showing the wrongdoings, or misconduct by another spouse. 

Legal separation occurs when the court doesn’t have much involvement in the separation of the two person’s relationship. It is not letting the party dissolve their marriage, and the status remains as married. 

No-fault divorce does not require any reasons or information for ending the marriage. For such cases in the state, the court only wishes to know a few things like,

  • does the relationship works
  • The differences that exist in the relationship 
  • Marriage is broken
  • No possibility of reconciliation

How long does the process take place? 

If a couple has been married for many years, the child be it a minor or an adult may impact the case. Also, if they have incurred debts during marriage, the divorce gets long enough and requires help from a divorce lawyer in Fort Worth. There is an ample number of issues that act as an alarming factor in deciding the divorce to conclude. The first step is to file a petition in the local court, and then the process eventually moves forward with extra issues and concerns. Most states take about 0 to 6 months waiting period for the divorce petition to be filled. If there is a child custody matter, it takes a reasonably long time, and therefore the estimate to predict the time limit is impossible. 

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Documents needed in a divorce

Temporary Order

The court however can issue a temporary order, that will outline the required action that is needed to be taken until the final divorce hearing takes place. This one may include details on child support, spouse support, child custody, and more.

Service of Process

In case a petitioner is filing for divorce, for such a matter, it is to ensure that the petition is served on the respondent. If in case both the parties are ready to take a step forward and file for divorce, in such cases respondent needs to sign the agreement as an acknowledgment.

What is a postnuptial agreement?

Postnuptial Agreement Texas is an outline expectation for the finances that are going to be 

handled by both during the divorce. 

  1. It talks about various privileges, details, responsibilities, and finances that are relevant to marriage and the parties involved in the same. 
  2. How property is expected to be divided in the event of separation
  3. Who will be the one controlling and managing the property, which involves selling, transfer or dispose of property?
  4. Distribution of various funds like an asset to the children in course of separation
  5. Any other decisions regarding financial matters.

What are some requirements in the postnuptial agreement?

  • Both parties must fully disclose the information on all asset and debts
  • Both parties have to be legally capable of entering the agreement
  • Both parties need to enter into the agreement voluntarily
  • If the agreement is entered through pressure or fraud, it is not valid. 
  • The agreement requires to be in writing
  • The agreement needs to be signed by both parties.

When your marriage has ended, not legally, but you are aware of it being of no use for now. You need an experienced divorce lawyer in Fort Worth. At Bailey & Galyen, our firm has strongly protected the rights of individuals going through the tough time of divorce. We know the termination of marriage requires a lot of paperwork, documentation and you are not ready to fight it alone. We will learn your details, your situation and take your case forward.

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