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The A to Z about Class C misdemeanor Texas

Know everything about class C Misdemeanor Texas in detail

Criminal action falls into different classifications under Texas law. In general, there exist two types of crime, felonies, and misdemeanors. Misdemeanor falls under less serious crimes involving significant fines. 

class c misdemeanor texas

In some cases, where the crime is serious, it can also lead to jail time. With each crime classification, there are subtypes labeled as A, B, or C. Class C misdemeanor Texas is the least severe criminal case and does not require jail time. A person convicted for the same can expect monetary penalty: 

  • Fines up to $500
  • Community service

However, these are the maximum penalty one would receive under Texas law. The actual punishment for the same could be lesser based on laws and crime. With that, the Class C misdemeanor does not involve jail time or probation order. Here is everything you should know about it. 

What are the Cases of Class C Misdemeanors Texas?

  • Public intoxication
  • Traffic tickets
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Minor in possession of tobacco
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Jumping bail
  • Leaving a child in a car
  • Gambling
  • Trespassing someone’s property
  • Simple assault without any equipment
  • Petty theft
  • Possession of drug-related paraphernalia

How can it affect a defendant’s life? 

A Class C misdemeanor in Texas might not lead to jail time, but it doesn’t mean your life won’t be affected. Since it will show up in your criminal record, it will bring multiple challenges for you. 

SeveralHowever, traffic tickets are classified as Class C misdemeanors, resulting in the revocation of driving privileges. It will increase your fine and insurance premium as well. Additionally, it will affect the decision regarding renting employment, schooling, and more. 

Even if a person made an honest mistake, the records will restrict them and surround them throughout.

Can Class C Misdemeanor Texas be Expunged?

You may be surprised to know that if you get convicted of a Class C misdemeanor crime, that conviction can be a part of a public record. It means anyone can have access to your record via the background check. 

For that, you can have the possible record omitted or removed for you to live a stress-free life. The Class C misdemeanor Texas case may be a lesser serious crime, but your record will not let you be at peace. 

You will face difficulties when seeking a job, education, loan, home renting, etc. A background check will put you in the wrong position because of your criminal record. You may be eligible to have your records expunged of your Class C misdemeanor Texas case.

If you can show all the necessary documents, fulfill requirements, detention is possible. In addition, you need to agree to complete “deferred adjudication probation,” which is essential. 

Statutes of Limitation in Texas

When a crime gets committed, a statute of limitations begins to run. It means that the state has a specific period within which you need to take action and begin the criminal prosecution. The period for the same is typical of two years. 

What to do for a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas?

Even mild offenses can hold an impact on your life. Generally, you may feel not to take any action and continue your life. But, in the later stage of life, the label of criminal will follow you. Therefore, it is a good idea for a defendant to understand how the charges can affect you.

The case will resolve simply with the fine, but the record will stick with you. In this case, expungement is the only hope to get you out of the mess. Knowing the potential benefits of it will help the defendant make a serious decision regarding it.

Let the Attorney Help You!

In Class C misdemeanor, the punishment is not troubling, but the after effect of it is. The last thing you want is to get rejected for a job only because of your criminal record. You know the record does not define you or speaks about you as a person. 

You are an honest citizen who made a mistake and wishes to move ahead in life. In such cases, at the law office of Bailey & Galyen, you can seek your first consultation to know about your chances for expungement. 

If you get charged with a crime in Texas, our professional attorneys help you with our experience to get the best outcome.

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