The assistance of Family Law Attorney in Visitation Rights

Concerning the child’s best interest, in divorce, the court may order one parent with custody and the other with the visitation rights. The visitation right allows the non-custodial parent to spend time with the child. 

Children are the main concern for divorcing parents. No parent wants any decision to hurt their child. 

After the divorce, the child can live only with one parent. So, the visitation right enables the child to spend considerable time with the non-custodial parent too. 

To understand visitation laws, it’s good to consult a family law attorney in Houston.

While awarding custody and visitation, the court looks for the child’s best interest. The court looks for the child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. So, the court considers the visitation rights. 

Let’s see how visitation rights work in Texas and the role of family law attorney Houston in determining such rights.

Family Law Attorney Houston in the Standard Possession Order:

Before making a final decision on visitation, the court may consider certain factors like- the home environment and the nature of divorce. For the exes who cannot agree on a parenting plan, the Standard Possession Orders get filed.

The Standard Possession Orders guideline the schedule that both parents need to follow. The court has the right to modify the visitation order determining the best interest of the child. 

The family law attorney in Houston can help you to get the best outcome concerning your situation.

The non-custodial parent has the following visitation options in the following situations:

  • The noncustodial parent and custodial parent live within 100 miles 
    • Visit the child on the first, third, and fifth weekends of every month
    • Thursday evening of each week
    • Altering holidays
    • During summer break, the parent can have extended periods with the child
  • The distance between the parents is more than 100 miles
    • No visitation in midweek
    • Altering holidays
    • The non-custodial parent can visit the child during every spring break and a longer extended period holiday like summer break

The court can file a Modified Possession Order if:

  • the child is very young
  • the noncustodial parent had no or less contact with the child

Under Modified Possession order, the noncustodial parent will initially have shorter visits. The time will get extended as time goes on and until the Standard Possession of Order gets attained.

Family Law Attorney Houston assistance visiting rights for father:

It’s not pre-decided which parent will get the custody and who will get visitation rights. If you being a father finding problems in custody issues, the child custody attorney Dallas Tx can help you.

When awarding the custody and visitation rights, the court may consider several factors like: 

  • The regular schedule of both parents like- work and life schedules
  • Past and present employment details of both parents
  • The location of each parent

If a mother gets the child’s custody, the biological father has the right to pursue visitation rights. Through visitation rights, the father can spend considerate time with the child. If you are an unwed father, you will need to establish paternity first. 

Remember, even the paternity gets established, the father’s visitation rights do not get automatically granted. The family law attorney Houston’s experience in family laws helps you undergo the complex process of the court. 

Along with certain other factors, the court will consider your bond with the child, your background, and your mental health. Regardless of which parent gets awarded with visitation rights, such rights include:

  • The right to visit the child at the designated time prescribed in the divorce contract
  • The right to do any allowed activities with the child, as mentioned in the divorce contract
  • The custodial parent will have no control during the visitation
  • No infringement on the entire allotted time to spend with the child
  • The right to an injunction to stop the custodial parent from taking the child out of the state
  • To modify the visitation contract when its no longer feasible

The family lawyer in Houston, Tx, helps modify the visitation agreement if necessary.


Whatever be the time, children are assets for every parent. The court always looks for the best interest of the child. If you have issues in child custody or visitation rights, family law attorney Houston can help you. The family attorneys have better understandings of family laws. So, with the assistance of a family lawyer, you can better understand your visitation rights.

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