The Beauty Of Antique Furniture Restoration

If you love antiques and find it hard to guess how or where to shop them from, you might be under the impression that you’ll just have to live without your dream vintage furniture. Antique furniture restoration is a collectible interior furnishing of considerable age, which may be classified so, due to its age, rarity, condition, utility, or other unique features which make it piece of furniture desirable as a collectors’ item. Nowadays, in nearly every issue of classic magazines we find them promoting vintage furniture in gorgeous displays of interesting rooms that exude one-of-a-kind charm. The antique furniture pieces reflect the style and features of the time they were made; this can be called the antique’s “period” Cavalier Antiques, a classy second hand furniture store located in Adelaide, provides a retail outlet for finest quality of antique items including furniture, beautiful colored glass, china, clocks, spelter and jewellery. We pride ourselves on customer service, fine products and quality furniture. By offering quality furniture for less as we eliminate the middle man we buy and sell antiques direct to the public. We are continuously sourcing furniture from leading suppliers which helps provide you the latest trends in the market. We are committed to our customers and ensuring at each step to provide them with high level of customer satisfaction. Our team has extensive experience, which is why we might have what you’re looking for. Vintage furniture is on-trend, and there are several reasons for its popularity.

Operating from our premises in Adelaide, we dealt in general 2nd hand goods and new furniture, always with an eye for quality pieces. Over our time in business we have gravitated more and more towards quality manufactured and hand crafted furniture which has stood the test of time in both quality and style.

Our antique furniture restoration store always has and will continue to provide quality and a wide range of products to people from all budgets. We believe in offering the most competitive prices in quality goods so that one can buy and sell antiques. We have a passion for high quality furniture. Your house is your personal space and everyone should have the opportunity to fill it with the kind of furniture they like. We carry a wide range of quality furniture. Our second hand furniture store Adelaide, has a number of ways for you to view and purchase our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, regarding a purchase you wish to make. We get great satisfaction from seeing our customers happy with their purchase. For many of our customers don’t have the transport required to move and deliver furniture, they don’t need to be stressed. We offer a local delivery service at a reasonable cost.

We like to source interesting things a little bit different from the normal for our tasteful customers. Our variety or products is perfect for everyone, catering for those looking for an addition to their collection right through to those seeking out the best high quality antiques. We find the antique pieces complement the most refined piece of antique furniture, however also complimenting the latest modern decor. The history, color and uniqueness of these pieces is truly remarkable. Every piece tells a story. These pieces are handcrafted and tell a story in their own and while choosing them, quality is our top priority.