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The best digital marketing automation tools 2021

The digital marketing world is changing and becoming increasingly competitive. If you want to put yourself in the spotlight, you have to keep up with the trends and take advantage of marketing tools.

However, when you just look at the myriad of tools on the market, it can’t be that easy to pick the best. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top marketing Automation tools for you. Maybe you are already using some of them? If not, you should think about it.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started.

Competitive analysis tools

Email automation tools

Landing page tools

Market research tools

Marketing automation tools

Paid advertising tools

SEO automation tools

Social media automation tools

Free SEO Stats Checker

BuzzSumo: With BuzzSumo you can collect information about which social networks your competitors are strongly represented on, what content they share, which influencers extend the reach of this content, how your own content stands out from that of your competitors and much more.

SEMrush: Get an insight into the marketing tactics of your competitors, such as organic and paid search, link building or display advertising. Also, discover new markets and niches to fill in those gaps before your competitors do.

Email automation tools

Maintain relationships with your prospects and customers. With this use of email marketing Automation tools lets, you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that match your business.

Free SEO Stats Checker: SEO Stats Checker is a Smart and powerful free tool for downloading Backlinks, Keyword Research, and more stats which help you identify your website.

Campaign Monitor: Top marks for this tool that puts people first. Campaign Monitor is a holistic SEO automation tools with which you can create personalized customer journeys using the unique Visual Journey Designer and send tailor-made, particularly relevant emails to the right target group at the right time to maximize your conversion rate.

Other Marketing Automation Tools:

Google SERP Rank Tracker: An excellent tool with both basic and advanced features for beginners. This tool is the most efficient tracking solution in the Market. This SERP automation tools is a Best Google Rank Checker & Keyword Tracker which helps you to keep track of your positions in Google pages

With these marketing Automation tools, you don’t have to be a coder or skilled UX designer to create landing pages.

Instapage: Just like Unbounded, you can use this particularly intuitive and user-friendly page builder to create landing pages. After you’ve reviewed and published them, you can analyze the different versions of your landing page in real time and see what is working or needs improvement.

Unbounded: Choose from over 100 customizable templates or start from scratch to create amazing landing pages with high conversion rates for desktop PCs and mobile devices in no time at all. With an A / B test, you can then determine which page has the highest conversion rate. You can also route leads to 1,000+ marketing automation and CRM tools.

Traffic Wizard: This is an automation tools through this tool you can change your web visibility on SERP and also help to new website traffic. It is an excellent marketing automation tools.

Proxies Scraper & Checker: One of the best Proxy Scraper Automation tools it is very simple and effective way to scrape proxies and also have the ability to filter and check.

Do not close your eyes to the expectations of your customers, but use this information to offer them extraordinary experiences.


These Automation tools & marketing automation tools can help you become an efficient digital marketer. The time saved can then be used to analyze the wealth of actionable data you’ve collected and make informed business decisions

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