QuickBooks Error PS060

The Best Ever Solution For “QuickBooks Error PS060”

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software in the contemporary market which is segmented towards small and medium scale enterprises. It offers best-in-class features for accounting and finance to manage inventory and sales for retailers, generate an invoice for customers by simplifying the complex processes. Nonetheless, certain software bugs could temporarily paralyze various business activities which users experience in QuickBooks. “QuickBooks Error PS060” occurs while users attempt payroll updates. It is closely associated with an expired payroll subscription service which needs to be renewed timely. There are a ton of other reasons why the error shows up on screen and a variety of preventive methods to quickly fix the error, you will read about them in the subsequent topics.

On the other hand, the “QuickBooks Error PS060” error code is too common and it could be eradicated if an appropriate method of troubleshooting is adopted which is given in the post. However, if you have any relevant queries, call on the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 to get a solution tailored for you.

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Causes behind the “QuickBooks Error PS060”

There are numerous reasons for the above-mentioned error code to come into action. Read about them in the below points-

  1. The auto-renewal subscription service has come to a halt due to inaccurate credit card details.
  2. The user has had a QuickBooks Desktop Pro for the last three years, in which the entitlement of payroll and other services is only up to three years from the date of purchase.
  3. The date and time of the user’s PC are not appropriate or synchronized with the current date and time.
  4. Troubling or poor internet connectivity.

Remedies to get rid of the “QuickBooks Error PS060”

Solution-1: Check whether the credit card details you entered are correct

Step-1: Check credit card details if the user has QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Go to windows desktop. Right-click the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ icon to open.]
  2. On the menu bar, choose ‘Products & Services’, select the applicable payroll service inside products & services.
  3. Go to ‘Billing Information,’ choose ‘Edit’ beside payment method.
  4. Type accurate details, select ‘Save and Close’ to save the changes. Check other information regarding payroll services you subscribed to.

Step-2: Check credit card details if the user has QuickBooks Online

  1. Open ‘QuickBooks’. Locate the settings icon and select it, choose ‘Account and Settings’ below it.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Billing & Subscription’ tab. Locate ‘Payment Method’, choose the ‘Edit’ option below it.
  3. Type valid card details, select ‘Save Changes’ when done.

If that doesn’t work for you, try to clear all the junk in Internet Explorer which, in general, means browsing history, cache, cookies, and any third-party website preferences you made earlier.

We arrive after our blog post on the topic “QuickBooks Error PS060”. In this post, we tried to resolve all our user’s queries regarding the error code aforementioned so that to enable them to be able to recognize the error closely and determine its capabilities to take it down using appropriate safety measures we introduced to them through the written post. However, if you still got any other issues regarding the error, you may simply dial the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 to reach out to the best tech help.