Best Natural Sleep Aids

The Best Natural Sleep Aids and How to find them

If you scroll through different meme pages, you will see a surprisingly high number of people making or relating with memes that talk about stress in the everyday life. Just like hunger and thirst, stress and anxiety have become one of the more constant feelings in our lives. There can be a lot of things that can happen in the world but stress and anxiety being a part of our everyday life shouldn’t be one of them. We know how stress is harmful to us but we cannot do anything to get out of it.

In a world plagued with a pandemic where life as we know it is crumbling around us, there will be a lot of things to worry about. Over the years, the stress in our life has gone up by a considerable amount. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, 2 out of 3 adults have reported an increased level of stress due to the pandemic. Almost 21% have noticed physical stress, 20% have increased anger or “snapping”, 20% are experiencing mood swings. While the pandemic is one of the more prominent reasons for stress, the reasons that were causing stress in the pre-pandemic times are also present. So, the situation has only compounded in the last 12 months given the number of days people had to stay locked in without any social life, the lack of jobs, and the other problems that have come as byproducts of the pandemic.

Natural Stress Relief

Given the current scenario, it is important to look for natural stress relief options to improve our lives. Here are some of the strategies and steps that you can take to break free from the shackles of stress and anxiety.

Coping methods

  • When you feel you have been in a stressful situation for a long time, it is important to take a break. A few minutes of relaxation or doing something different will help you cope with the situation better.
  • Having timely meals is also very important in coping with stress. Missing meals makes it difficult for the body to process and we lose focus, making it difficult to handle situations.
  • Sleep is one of the best stressbusters. Getting adequate sleep is the most potent way of fighting stress. In fact, most of the stress-management medications that we use are based on increasing sleep time.
  • We often say caffeine and alcohol help us cope with stress and anxiety but the reality couldn’t be any more different. Prolonged use of alcohol and caffeine increases anxiety and triggers panic attacks. So if we can curb our habits, it might help us managing stress.
  • Drinking water can be a very useful way of dealing with stress. It keeps the body and the mind fresh and active helps clear the toxins through bodily fluids.
  • Acceptance of the situation is very important and its importance often goes under the radar. Studies have shown that stress often aggravates when we overthink an existing situation. Thoughts like “How bad could it be? Or “ what will happen if that happens?”. If we can take a step back and just ask “What is the worst that can happen and can I handle that?”, we can stop overthinking the situation and reduce a considerable amount of stress.
  • Working on the attitude is also very important. If we can maintain a positive attitude towards every aspect of life, we can go a long way. Keeping a “can do” attitude adds to confidence and helps us cope with any situation. But we have to pragmatic while employing this strategy. Thinking that we can do everything might add a lot to our plates and again aggravate the stress.
  • Having a hobby can be an amazing personal treatment to stress after long days. From cooking, having pets to painting and photography, dedicating some time towards the thing we love to do can help us cope with the anxiety of everyday life.


It is common knowledge that exercise is the best natural stress relief.. Exercise improves our stamina, helps us regulate our diet, improves our confidence, releases pent-up energy, and removes toxins from the body. But whenever we talk about exercise, people stress themselves about everything but the act. They get gym memberships, commit to waking up early, buy all the types of gym equipment but after a couple of days of intense exercise, stop going altogether. But exercise can be a walk in the park or a thirty-minute jog with friends can introduce you to the positive side of exercise. Group activities can be fun and reduce stress.

Natural Sleep Aid Supplements

Since ancient times, medical experts have relied heavily on herbs for sleep to cure insomnia, stress, and other disorders. These supplements are completely natural and come with no side effects. For example, Kaer Natural’s Chill Pill consists of different herbs like Jujube, Poria, and GABA. Jujube nourishes the body and mind with its vitamins and minerals. Poria is the ancient medicine for insomnia and stress. Poria also helps the body to retain the necessary fluids to help it replenish faster. GABA is internationally acclaimed as a substitute for melatonin. It helps the mind to relax faster and helps us sleep better. These herbs have absolutely no side effects and work as natural stress relief. Other herbs like Licorice, blighted wheat, Sichuan Lovage Rhizome take away the harmful effects of stress and helps us recuperate.

The product is completely vegan and kosher, made keeping the preferences in mind. It is sugar-free and contains no nuts or GMOs. Three capsules half an hour before going to sleep can bring out the best results. But in the case of intense stress, two pills can give you instant relief from the hustle.

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