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The Greatest Ways to Manage Your Joint Pain

You must have had joint pain at some point of time in your life and you must have ended up taking joint pain relief supplement. It is so common these days that you can see joint pain in children too. Sometimes we confuse muscle pain with joint pain. If you stretch up your muscles very rapidly and don’t perform proper warm up before getting into sports you might end up getting a sprain or muscle tears. These sprains might end up into big issues so should be taken into serious consideration. 

Talking about joint pain, if you have a paining joint you will feel the discomfort and stress as you have to think of it all the time. If you are going out or taking a rickshaw ride you will have to be careful all the time. As little as a car ride, using stairs you will think about it all the time and that might ruin your focus and give a lack of enjoyment in life. These joint pains will go away with time and using of joint pain relief supplements might minimize the pain but will give you a long term side effect. There are a plenty of joint pain relief supplements available in the market and those will give you an instant relief but the pain will be recurring and will come back once you stop using the supplements. 

Joint Pain treatment

However, if you are experiencing a lot of pain in joints then you should consult a doctor who can help you with medicines and consultation regarding joint pain. Osteoarthritis, being one of the most common reasons which can occur in not just old people but in youngsters too causes joint pain. When the cartilages tears up by wearing and tearing process it causes joint pain too.  Here we have listed few reasons on which you may think upon if you have extreme joint pain and if you are taking up joint pain relief supplements:

Gout: This occurs when there is too much uric acid in the body. Red meat, sweetened drinks contain uric acid which causes uric acid.
Bursitis: it is caused by injury or overusing of a joint, ligament or muscle it occurs near shoulder, elbow or hip.
Bone cancer: If you have bone cancer you might have joint pain as an early sign. You should get your bone marrow check.
Calcium deficiency: if you have poor calcium diet and you experience pain you should first start adding calcium in your diet and see.
Adult’s Still disease: it is severe type of arthritis disease that causes due to inflammation. People experience rash, fever and other symptoms too.
Thyroid: if you have an imbalance in the thyroid gland or hormone you’ll be more prone to joint pain.
Leukemia: it is relatively dangerous disease as it will affect the body’s ability to fight against infections.
Spondylitis: The reason of this disease due to to inflammation in the spinal cord’s and vertebras.

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Managing joint pain is easy when you have to just spray a liquid on the affected area and it will go away, but in real life this never happens. In the busy life schedule one always looks out for affordable, instant and easy. These things will do more harm than good. Here a need arises for the herbal products/Ayurvedic and something which causes no side effects. Rishikul Herbal have launched the joint care complete kit, it has joint relief capsules with glucosamine, king of joints capsules, happy joints capsules and the pain relief spray. The kit is certified by ISO, GMP, AYUSH, FSSAI and halal.

Joint Relief Capsules

Joint relief capsules works as a super food for muscles, cartilages and ligaments. These are anti-inflammatory in nature and will help in rebuilding of torned muscles. Glucosamine is a chemical made by the body. It also helps body to produce other chemicals. Chemicals that helps in secreting the liquid around the muscles and bones. As we age the liquid that helps the smooth movement of the muscles and bones, dries. Some people take medicines while some add nutrients through the diet. The liquid becomes as important as its absence may cause joint injuries, especially in the knees and sometimes even arthritis.

King Of Joints Capsules

King of joints capsules gives a long lasting relief in muscle pain, muscle tears, cartilage repair and joint movement. It will help in reducing swelling around the muscles, reduces muscle pain, anti-inflammatory in nature. Helps you get rid of muscle stiffness and ease the movement of joints.  

Happy Joint Capsules

Happy joint capsules are beneficial in joints pain, arthritis, spondylitis, swelling around the muscles. Eases the stiffness and encourages muscle movement. Anti inflammatory in nature, helps build up cartilage and beneficial in muscle tears. Made from 100% ayurvedic ingredients like rhododendron (300 mg), fenugreek (100mg), curcumin (100 mg). A unique blend in a proportion of 3:1:1.

Joint Relief Spray

The joint relief spray is useful in muscle pain, knee pain, joint pain, back pain, and inflammation gives instant and long lasting pain relief. An ayurvedic medicine can be used to reduce inflammation and swelling around the effected muscles. This spray made by some powerful ayurvedic herb oil like mahanarayan, wintergreen, tarpine, til and etc. These oil are very powerful to fixing muscle tears, joint problems, to repair cartilage and removes stiffness in the muscles. The bottle comes is a travel friendly pack and is very easy to use.

The kit has no side effects. All age group can use this kit. This kit used by sportspersons, old age people and middle aged people. You can consult a physician too if you want a personalized plan otherwise the dosage is written on the pack. You can continue with your daily diet and there is no need to skip or add anything when you are taking these medicines. This kits products also available on Amazon.

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