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The Mistakes Made by Digital Marketing Company Gurgaon & How You Can Fix Them

Integrated marketing is beneficial to businesses in generating profits and nurturing business conversions. Your digital marketing company Gurgaon should efficiently manoeuvre the audience through the sales funnel towards conversions. A lot of agencies don’t understand the complexities involved with integrated marketing, which results in failures. If the strategy is not defined or, you don’t know who you are targeting, then the message becomes meaningless. It results in inaccurate outcomes and fewer conversions than you had expected. 

How can you overcome this situation? You need to know the mistakes you are capable of making while defining the digital marketing strategy. Here, we are going to take you through the errors people or agencies make while defining the tactics or choosing the marketing mix. We will also tell you how you can fix these issues. 

#1 Not Defining the Goals

Every company initiates its marketing activities for a purpose. However, not defining the goals or, directing the marketing strategy to the business goal can become a fatal mistake for the brand. 

If you don’t know the goals, all your marketing efforts are in vain. You don’t know what you are trying to achieve, which means your marketing not measurable. It is moving without any direction or blueprint. 

You are focused on vanity metrics such as social media likes or image likes. You won’t be measuring the actual success of your campaigns. 

The Fix: You should align your marketing campaigns to your business goal. If your business goal is to generate x revenue, then your marketing goal should be to increase conversions from regular visits. As a result, you will start strategizing and marketing on platforms that can fulfil your goals. You will also define metrics that can help realize if you are achieving your goals or not. Defining a strategy without the objectives will lead to directionless marketing. 

#2 No Personalization for the Target

In present times, when every customer behaves differently and showcases a different need, it is crucial to personalize your strategy. However, if you have limited or no understanding of your customer, you won’t be able to comprehend their pain points. You don’t know what to focus upon and your messages, as well as your marketing strategies, are pretty generic. This means you are not reaching to the target market that poses the biggest opportunity for your business. 

As a result of this mistake, you are unable to convert your visitors or, even take your brand to the next stage.

The Fix: You can fix this situation by focusing on your target market, and knowing the problems they are facing. Profile your audience, build a persona, and understand the issues they are facing. You should know how your brand’s services can improve their life. Connect the two, and personalize the products/services to meet their needs. When you focus your strategies on your customer, there is a good chance they will convert.

#3 No Consistency in Messages

When you are investing in integrated marketing solutions, you will be marketing across different platforms. It is vital to keep the message consistent while tweaking the content according to the platform guidelines. However, the digital marketing agency Gurgaon can make the mistake of highlighting the wrong issues and delivering inconsistent messages across the platform. As a result, it weakens the brand’s voice and authority, and the audience does not consider you for their requirements. 

The Fix: You want to deliver a seamless experience to your customers across different channels. You should focus on the single message that will help your customers relate to your business services. Eventually, the users will engage with your brand.  Use this narrative to build campaigns across different channels. When they observe singular messages and similar experiences across platforms, they will engage with your brand and even convert.  

#4 Avoiding Data-driven Strategies  

Are you still stuck to the strategies that have been helping your brand since inception? It may not help you convert as your customer is evolving along with their needs. If you are not looking at the data or building customer profiles from the insights derived, then you are making the biggest strategic mistake. You won’t know what your customer prefers and where they are most likely to communicate with your brand. 

The Fix: Soak in all the data that you get from the different channels such as Social Media, Google etc. Once you have the data, you should analyse them and filter out the unnecessary data. It will help you build insights for effective strategies. The insights will let you know what your customer needs, and how you can help them. It will also let you know the KPIs that are useful and will help you ride a success. 

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The digital marketing Gurgaon should incorporate a defined reporting to understand, analyse and view the success of the marketing campaign. Before launching an integrated marketing campaign, you should understand the nuances of the different channels, and how best you can integrate them. Start with recognizing the platforms, the delivery mechanisms and the messages ideal for them, before you construct a strategy for the business goals. 

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