Dermatology EMR software

The Top 5 Dermatology EMR Software


For those of you who don’t know, the branch of medicine that deals with skin issues are known as Dermatology. A dermatologist is a person who takes care of issues related to skin, hair, nails, etc. It is a field that deals with a lot and obviously, there’s a lot of work that goes into this particular field. To make everyday work life simple, Dermatologists and anyone in this practice require Dermatology EMR software. Dermatology specific EHR software helps them with their daily tasks and makes them simple for them. To understand a Dermatology specific EHR software, we need to look at the features that a Dermatology specific EHR software needs to have. Let’s dive straight into that

Dermatology EHR features

Before moving on to our top 5 picks for Dermatology EMR software, we are going to talk a little bit about Dermatology specific features that a good dermatology EHR software needs to have. The top EHR features that a good Dermatology EMR software needs to have are an integrated cloud platform, Dermatology specific templates, Personalized dashboard, Intuitive charting, elabs, and body charts. These features are very important and useful when it comes to dermatology. 

All the mentioned features help dermatologists save a lot of time and also help improve clinical efficiency which is the main objective of getting EHR software. Apart from improved clinical efficiency, EHR features help you improve your financial efficiency as well. All the documents, patient’s information, and other important data are managed and saved in one place. Accessing them and managing them is so much easier and faster. All the tasks that are complex are performed by your EHR software, and the administrative load is reduced. Tasks are not delayed and are performed on time. Now that we know a little about the features, let’s get straight into the main theme of this article which is the top 5 Dermatology EMR software that we have picked out for you all. The top 5 EHR software for Dermatology according to us are as follows

Top 5 Dermatology specific EMR software

  2. Nextech
  3. NueMD
  4. EMA Dermatology
  5. Kareo 


EZDERM is an EHR software that is very well known for its dermatology specific EHR features. It has a variety of different features including Customizable notes and flexible documentation. It has a very nice Patient portal and great scheduling tools as well. Dermatologists love this software because of the ease it creates for them. Users have observed a noticeable improvement in their efficiency after installing EZDERM. The pricing of EZDERM has not been published but you can get information regarding its pricing from Software Finder. If you are looking for a good Dermatology EHR Software, EZDERM might be the one for you so check it out. 


Nextech is a cloud-based EHR Software that offers excellent Dermatology specific EHR features. It offers full integration which is an extreme advantage for all the dermatologists out there because of the ease it creates for them.  It offers easy documentation and patient management solutions which helps dermatologists focus entirely on their patients’ health and not on any other tasks. It’s customizable, comprehensive, and convenient. Please visit our website for pricing details. 


NueMD is a famous EHR software that has a great range of EHR features that are specifically designed for people in this medical practice. Apart from having dermatology specific templates, it also offers intuitive charting, Auto note, personalized dashboards, Billing solutions, and a lot more. It is used by many dermatologists and is among the best ones so far. The pricing for this cloud-based EHR software starts from $99 per month. 

EMA Dermatology

EMA is a very well-structured software specifically designed to cater to the needs of Dermatologists. It offers very specific features that help dermatologists go on with their daily work life in peace. Excellent documentation tools are something this software is quite famous for. It also has a dermatology-specific Revenue Management Cycle which is very helpful for the users. You might want to test it out because it has got solutions to many of the problems that dermatologists face. The pricing for this software has not been published. 


Just like many other medical practices, Kareo is also famous for this particular medical practice. It has excellent tools to cater to the demands of dermatologists. From great reporting tools to a very well developed patient portal, it has it all. It is liked by many dermatologists because of the tools that it offers to them. Kareo creates a lot of ease for them by managing all the complex tasks for them. The pricing for Kareo starts from $160 per month. 


That is our top 5 picks for Dermatology specific EHR software. We are going to assist you find the best Dermatology EMR software for you by listing out the top 5 ones.