The Ultimate Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

A swimming pool in the backyard of a home is a valuable asset. Having a swimming pool will not only increase the beauty of your home but also improve the quality of life. Also, it is a source of entertainment, and using the swimming pool daily can help you live a healthier lifestyle. You can invite your friends and family for pool parties especially in the hot summer days of Dubai. It is a place in your home where you can go to spend leisure time and to feel relax. However, there comes a responsibility with ownership of a pool that is regular cleaning and maintenance of the pool. To keep the pool working in peak condition you must give proper attention to maintenance and cleaning. Typically, you should spend at least 30 minutes per week on your pool maintenance. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to spend on it you can hire workers from companies providing swimming pool maintenance in Dubai.

To help you keep your swimming pool clean and working in optimum condition here we are providing a complete guide for pool maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Skimming And Cleaning

To keep your pool crystal clear skimming is an important step. Skimming ad cleaning are simple tasks and just take a few minutes but they can save you from deep cleaning most often. debris, dirt, and leaves accumulate in the pool daily. Thus it is essential to clean the pool’s surface otherwise it may lead to big problems such as clogging of drains. To clean the pool attach a skimmer net on a telescopic pole and sweep across the pool surface to collect all the debris. When the net gets dirty shake the debris on the ground and then again sweep it on water. As a result, you will obtain clean water. Moreover, the debris can not get a chance to accumulate at the bottom.        

2. Brushing Of Walls

The walls of the pool require brushing to remove dirt, algal growth, and chemical residues. Attach the brush to the telescopic pole again and brush the walls and fixtures like ladder and slides. Make sure that you brush all the places where there are chances of algal growth. Algae can not only destroy the beauty of the pool but also cause many health problems related to eyes and skin. Therefore, the brushing of the pool’s walls and fixtures is necessary. 

3. Vacuuming of Pool Floor

To remove the debris from the bottom of the pool vacuuming is done. Attach the vacuum head and hose to the telescopic pole and slowly move the vacuum head on the entire floor to remove any settled debris and dirt. The process of vacuuming needs time and proper attention because rushing up can make the debris settle again at the bottom. You can hire professionals for swimming pool maintenance in Dubai to get this job done easily. However, automatic vacuums are also available in the market but they are expensive than manual vacuums. If you can afford to purchase them they will make this job easier than before.

4. Clean Filters

Cleaning of the pool is useless if you ignore the filters. In fact, you have to work more on cleaning the pool when filters are not clean on regular basis to circulate the water effectively. Your pool is likely to have one of the three commonly used filters cartridge, sand, and vertical DE. examine your pool filter at least once a week to remove any debris that accumulates there. The Backwash technique is used if your pool has sand filters. While for cartridge filters inspect the cartridge to check the damage. If there is damage, replace it to have clean water.

5. Keep the Deck Clean

Cleaning of pools deck must be in your weekly maintenance routine. You have to clean the areas surrounding the pool to remove grass clippings, leaves, and debris that may end up back in the pool. Use pressure washing to clean the deck properly. Because of constant exposure to water pools deck is at potential risk of mildew and mold growth. Therefore, you have to disinfect the area occasionally to limit the growth of algae, bacteria, and other microbes. 

6. Check Pool’s Chemicals

Chemicals such as chlorine are added to the water to keep it clean. The chemical makeup of the water changes throughout the week. Therefore, regular testing of water for chemical balance is essential. You have to focus on three main chemical levels i.e. alkalinity, chlorine, and pH balance. If your pool’s chemical level is not balanced it can cause skin irritation and also damage the structural integrity of the pool. Thus, it is better to purchase a test kit and check the chemical level every two to three days.     By following the above-mentioned steps you can keep your pool sparkling. However, if you ignore the regular maintenance your pool will ultimately become dirty, smelly and plain gross. Hence, to enjoy a dive in crystal clear water you need to hire expert workers for swimming pool maintenance in Dubai.

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