The Unexpected Joys of Lockdown

Towards the end of 2019. like many other people I was making a lengthy commute for my job. Some would say a trip from my home in West London to my work in Guildford was excessive, though I know there are plenty of more extreme examples. Throughout the various iterations of lockdown in 2020, I adapted and made it into work when possible, as the use of the facilities at my employers’ warehouse was crucial for the fulfilment of my work as a clothes designer. 

As fate would have it, in June 2020 a long-standing dispute with my employer over working hours came to a head and my contract was terminated. Fortunately, after a lengthy process with an Employment Law Solicitors in Surrey, I received a sizeable settlement figure from my ex-employer for breach of contract. Having had no luck with my job search post-dismissal, I made the bold decision to pursue the self-employed route, a dream I always had but never realized. Historically, the hurdle to overcome was the appropriate studio space and necessary equipment, thankfully now with a decent budget available I could set about renovating and extending a little garden office that has been unused for years.Finding a reputable London architecture firm for the designs was relatively straightforward, though it was a little tricky to find decent painters and decorators in Chiswick where I live, I found a great company eventually. With time on my hands due to lockdown I was able to install soundproof sash windows myself to protect the neighbours from my loud industrial sewing machines, also I got round to applying for a green home grant to further insulate the property. I am now (partly thanks to lockdown) easing into my new life as a self-employed person, it goes without saying that I won’t miss the commute!